Lifetime politicians are the problem

Las Vegas Tribune Editorial Board
It is always the same and we have pointed this out so many times that we have lost count, but we are going to give it one more try and maybe someone will listen to what we are trying to clearly explain.
It was a shock to many to learn that traffic controllers are working without pay during the government shutdown created by the Democrats’ elected officials.
It seems like the Democrats love to make life miserable to the residents during the holidays; in March of 1979 four men were convicted by a federal jury in Detroit, Michigan, of illegally running the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas but it was not until September, four months before the Christmas holidays, that the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, one Harry Mason Reid, a Nevada Democrat, ordered the closing of the Aladdin Hotel and Casino.
An obvious point in this issue is one that only someone deaf and blind would not notice: while the traffic controllers are working without pay, a woman by the name of Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat who is fighting with all she has to continue to be the speaker of the House, is in Hawaii vacationing while the president that no one likes is in the nation’s capital trying to make someone understand why the wall issue is so important to the nation’s safety and security, all the while the traffic controllers are working without pay for now.
It may be too late for those victims of illegal criminals, but if the wall is built it will help to reduce, if not end, the human traffic at the U.S. borders.
During all past government shutdowns, the United States Senators and House Representative members have not been affected by any of these shutdowns because they are immune to all the bad effects and consequences and are not affected in any way or shape.
Has anyone ever stopped to think why it is that the United States Senators and the House Representatives are allowing lifelong careers without any term limits?
Has anyone ever stopped to think why it is the United States Senators and the House Representatives are the only ones in government service to have a full (100 percent) retirement plan after serving only one term? Presidents are only allowed two terms to serve the people, but the United States Senators and the Representatives are allowed to bring their overnight bags and toothbrushes and move in, to stay forever, at the nation’s capital.
The saddest part of this is that the American people allowed this to happen and everyone who takes part in our Congress gets used to it and when they get to the nation’s capital, they do nothing about it and start being part of the problem.
There are hundreds of PACs (political action committees) but they are all to fulfill their own agenda or to help and promote their own candidates and no one takes sides with the people of this great nation trying to at least to make an effort to make some needed changes.
We believe that if the American people take action and start thinking of what is at stake in the future, for their children, they will begin to make their voices heard.
We believe that deep inside their hearts the people of this country do not like the idea of having foreign immigrants walking in with diseases and adding misery to their everyday life.
We believe that deep inside their hearts the people of this country are looking to a future for their children and grandchildren, one without drugs and without being surrounded by and governed by drugged-up heads filled with the communist mentality, making promises they have no intention to fulfill.
Let’s not be fooled; there is no need for immigration changes but there is a need for enforcing the existing immigration laws that are already on the books.
Maybe law enforcement authorities need to take over those sanctuary cities and tell elected official that enough is enough and if that does not work then the commander in chief needs to send the military to those cities and take over the same way they try so hard to take over war territories outside the United States.
Maybe it is time for the American people to take action against political jokers that have been playing with the safety and security of the country by electing the right people to office and removing those with their communist mentalities once and for all.
It is time for the American people to remember and realize that communism is the exploitation of the man by the government and if the government offers benefits, these benefits come with strings attached, but minus reimbursement.
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