Obama building his own wall

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune
The so-called Trump Wall is becoming a hypocritical open eye for Democrats that have controlled the nation for the last two hundred years with the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality of dictatorship.
The more we learn about the “Trump Wall,” the more we learned about the lies and the hypocrisy of the Democrats-Socialists that are doing nothing more than reminiscing about the days when they used to control the masses of this nation.
David Martin, a reporter for The Horn News, exposed in a unique way what the Las Vegas Tribune has been exposing for the last two decades with the blessing of both Democrats and Republicans.
Democrats, for being liars, cheaters, and double-crossers fighting with all they have to get back the control that President Donald Trump took away from them eighteen months ago; Republicans for being cowards, two-faced submissives afraid to upset the status quo they used to share in the political arena.
Everyone tries to blame President Trump for the government shutdown like it was his fault ignoring that Schumer, Pelosi, and loser Democrats are the ones who are holding the President and the nation hostage like babies crying for their lolly-pops.
David Martin makes public a twist from President Trump making obvious that the Democrats are all about “do as I say, not as I do.” Trump took to Twitter yesterday to point out that “the Obamas constructed a 10-foot wall around their Washington, D.C. mansion — a move he agreed was important for their security.”
The following is a full transcript from David Martin, a reporter for The Horn News, pointing out the obvious of the Democrat-Socialists mentality we have been pointing out for the last twenty years and which has caused the Las Vegas Tribune politicians like Harry Reid to boycott our advertising revenue, to say nothing of our offices being attacked and vandalized. Read on…
“Minions from former President Barack Obama’s administration have been all over the mainstream media, criticizing President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall across America’s southern border.
But Trump just pointed out the HUGE hypocrisy in Obama’s camp — and it silenced his critics. Even better, the president only needed three words to do it.
Trump took to Twitter yesterday to point out that the Obamas constructed a 10-foot wall around their Washington, D.C. mansion — a move he agreed was important for their security.
Then, Trump asked why America couldn’t have a “slightly larger version” of the Obama wall to protect ALL citizens. Game, set, match, Trump.
Part of the federal government remains shut down as Trump wrangles with Congressional Democrats over funding for the border wall.
But this isn’t the first time that Obama’s hypocrisy over building walls has been exposed.
Then-Senator Obama actually voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which authorized the construction of 700 miles of fencing — as well as vehicle barriers — across the U.S.-Mexico border.”
And here’s an interesting tidbit — New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who is currently holding up funding for Trump’s border wall, voted for it, too.
It’s just more proof that the opposition to Trump’s wall is about politics, and nothing more. The same people who oppose it have supported walls in the past when it suited their purposes. And some of them, like Obama, are still protected by large walls every day.

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