Some areas of Ward One are depreciating rapidly

Las Vegas Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian makes remarks during the Las Vegas City Council hearing
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Las Vegas Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian makes remarks during a Las Vegas City Council hearing

Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian is leading the war on short-term rentals while residentials in some areas of her ward are deteriorating and property value is going down because the councilwoman and code
enforcement agents allow businesses to operate in residential areas and without a business license.
From one mechanic shop and a car wash business up now, to two mechanic workshops, a tire sale establishment, and an ice cream cart; to cars trying to avoid the traffic light and going through the school zone
speed limit crossing, through a residential area, at excessive speed, risking the safety of homeowners in the area, while no one does anything to correct the situation.
An out-of-town buyer went to inspect a residence on that street, the same street on which, just three doors down, the city denied a short-term license located two houses east of an all-night mechanic
shop, which — after all the exposure of the unlicensed business by Las Vegas Tribune — it started operating at night, but the going rate on the property seems “too high for an industrial area, where my family
is going to live,” said the prospective buyer.
Councilwoman Tarkanian, talking about short-term residences, once said that she will not allow business in a residential district, but as mentioned above, a mechanic shop, a car wash business, a second
mechanic workshop, a tire sales business, and an ice cream cart, are all there, but may not be considered businesses by the octogenarian councilwoman in her last term in office.
A white Mercedes-Benz was seen parked by the home of the mechanic early one day; later that night the car was moved to inside the resident’s garage. The mechanic moves his own car to the house
driveway with the door open pretending to be working on his own car while the hood of the Mercedes Benz is open so the mechanic can pretend to be “working on his own car,” but working on the white
Mercedes-Benz with a garage light on and a mining hat with a flashlight on his head.
Just a short distance from there is a pile of tires, with a sign on top advertising “tire special.” Between the carwash, the “tire special,” the other mechanic’s place across the street, operating freely, most likely without a business license and all the other businesses we have mentioned (and how can any of that be when Councilwoman Tarkanian has said she will not allow businesses in a residential district?), what does she propose to call those “establishments”? Residential activities?
A drunk driver driving at approximately seventy-five MPH (according to a police report) in a residential area, three blocks from a school, ran into a corner home ending in the middle of the front yard where
there is a possibility that children could be playing. Code enforcement had the audacity to put a time limit on it for the owners to fix the block fence or be fined $120. Cars, trucks, SUVs drive through that area, avoiding the corner traffic light and the school speed limit, at a speed above the limit because they may assume that the road is clear for them to speed as they wish with no police action whatsoever and the absence of the code enforcement Gestapo known for turning their eyes the other way, and a city council, Councilwoman Tarkanian, who is too busy making sure that everyone heard her when saying she would not allow businesses in a residential district and calling others racist from her pedestal at the city council board.
In the meantime have a Sunny Day.

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