opening the doors for Black people

By Rolando Larraz
I could start my weekly column with the routine “Merry Christmas” to this and that person, but in all honestly I am not in the mood for Christmas; it is sad to see how terrible the future of this nation looks; it is, in my mind, worse than when Barack Obama took the reins of the country after being elected the first (at least partly) Black president of the United States.
During the Obama Administration, many times people were concerned that if they criticized the president or his administration they were going to be accused of being racist, ignoring the fact that President Obama was only one-half Black and they could be criticizing his half-White mistakes.
The Obama clan wants to give their president credit for opening the doors for Black people in opportunities and spotlighting their success as part of Obama’s being in office, ignoring many noticeable factors that prove different.
In the 1920s, Langston Hughes — particularly known for his insightful, colorful portrayals of Black life in America from the ’20s — was a newspaper columnist through the ’60s.
Benjamin O. Davis Sr., the first African-American general in the U.S. Army in 1940, was the father of Air Force General Benjamin O. Davis. Arthur W. Mitchell was the first black Congressman from the Democratic Party.
In 1961, my friend Sammy Davis Jr. was already a shining star entertaining the audiences at the Sands Hotel, as was Bill Cosby playing the Lounge at the Sahara Hotel. In 1997 Al Roker, who recently celebrated forty years on the air, was already the weatherman on NBC. Dr. Ben Carson was already a doctor before Barack Obama became the first Black president in this country.
I have to be honest, in those days I was way younger and more ignorant about racism than I am today because we were not as racist in Cuba as people were in the United States so there may be more names that I
can’t recall or that I have space for in this column, but it proves that Obama can only be credited with being the first Black president,
but not credited with opening doors for more Black opportunities or recognition; in fact many Black people have told me that Obama was not that great to them or for them.
After the November election, Socialists-Progressives-Liberals and Democrats have taken the House and that is a very dangerous sign because everything the real Americans in Congress and the Senate try
to do will be blocked by those who are now the majority in the House and who I consider enemies of the American Way.
With a Socialist-Progressive-Liberal Democrat Governor controlling the Nevada Legislature, I guess we are ready to hang the “Welcome to the Sanctuary State of Nevada” sign at the state line.
I, as well as many others at this newspaper, have tried to alert the community to the dangers of a Socialist-Progressive-Liberal Democrat system in the state, but to no avail.
Take for example the board of county commissioners, after the 2000 election when Republican Bruce L. Woodbury won District seat A with more than thirty thousand votes over his Democrat rival, and Republican Chip Maxfield beat Lois Tarkanian with more than one thousand votes; the board has been Democrat despite that four out of the seven members were convicted and sent to prison for several corruption charges.
What does that tell us? Either the elections are fixed, the people of Clark County are sadists or the Republican Party is not doing the job they are supposed to be doing for the community by finding a real
candidate to run a decent race against Democrats.
Maybe the Republicans need to get down off their high horses thinking they are God’s gift to the world and start recruiting new positive talent to represent the Republican community — unless they are shields
for the Democrat Party for keeping their fake popularity — created by their family and friends.
Maybe what the Republicans in Nevada need to do is free themselves from the party’s so-called “political leaders” and do what any Republican mind will do, use common sense and vote for the candidate that makes more sense, not for the one who does not complain about the “fake” leadership.
I am old and in the stage of my life where every day I live is a gift from the Almighty God, so I could sit at home and wait for that day, but I would not forgive myself if before I go I didn’t do something to open the eyes of the ones I leave behind because I love this country as much as I used to love my own and I see what happened there and I see the same pattern in the future of this, my adopted country.
Living in a communist country is not fun; it is not fun to stay in line hours to get a loaf of bread and at halftime, they announced that the bread is gone and to come back the next day.
I am talking about food; I am not talking about nonessentials like toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. I didn’t mention toilet paper because if you have nothing to eat you most likely don’t need toilet paper.
I, for one, am happy that the era of happy holidays ended, even if we don’t know how long that will last, and again we proudly can tell others Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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