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Democrat do not mean Democracy

My Point of View
By Rolando Larraz
One thing that bothers me is not being able to understand what is going on when we are risking the safety of the country and I would like to know why it is the obsession of the liberal-socialist democrats with the open borders.
If they are really Americans, before being liberal-socialist democrats, as they claim to be, why is it that they want to open the borders to everyone that wants to walk in?
I would have assumed that after the fiasco on the San Diego-Tijuana border with the Central American invasion, they would have seen a reality picture of what happens by opening the borders.
But, then I realize that all this is a political game, a political strategy by letting everyone and their mothers walk in and register as Democrats so they can vote in the 2020 election; that is the only way they can get the country back and turn this paradise into a third world country socialist regime so they can be the “almighty God” that they are not.
The Mexicans in Tijuana have taken a taste of their own medicine and have learned the lesson when they were invaded by Central Americans coming here because of poverty and not for political persecution.
Maybe the United States government needs to take action and educate itself as to what political asylum means for those who ask for it; poverty is not a reason or an excuse to ask for asylum and enforce those laws.
The same should apply to the Cubans that arrived in the United States “running” from the communist regime that is “oppressing” them on the island, but after six months living in this country they traveled to Cuba for “visiting with family,” “missing their family” or just simply to “visit the ol’ barrio.” showing wide open the lie on their paperwork asking for “political asylum.”
Political Asylum is given to people coming mainly from countries that have no diplomatic relations and his or her life is at risk and as long as that government that is putting the person’s life at risk is still in power, that person is not allowed to leave the country of asylum, whatever that country might be.
The country cannot afford to allow the entrance of so many people and support those asking for asylum because they are poor or they do not have jobs in their country. The United States can no longer afford to be the food bank of the world.
Before we open the door to people from other countries we need to put a roof over the heads of all those Americans born that are sleeping on the sidewalks of any city in the United States, we need to place a blanket on the back of every American-born Veteran that is sleeping on the sidewalks of any city in the United States, we need to put a pair of shoes on every American child that goes to school with worn off soles on their shoes because their American parents cannot afford even a used pair of shoes from the second-hand stores.
The United States of America can no longer be the provider for the world because we should provide for our own before providing for others.
The liberal-socialist democrats need to stop ruling or voting against everything President Donald Trump wants to do, the innocent and average nonpolitical average citizens need to wake up and realize that the liberal-socialist democrats in government are not thinking of the voters, the American families or the average citizens, but of their own future and securing their next election winning.
The wall is a very important issue, now more than ever because before it used to be that the outsiders, regardless of what country they came from, because right now is not the people that are trying to come in but the liberal-socialist democrats, trying to take control of the government by allowing everyone to walk in and enlist them (not register them) in the Democrat Party, even if they have not been sworn in as Americans.
I don’t claim to know how everyone thinks I don’t know how the European immigrants think or what makes them come to this country, but I can almost assure anyone that the Latinos, Hispanics, Spanish or however they want to call themselves today, come here to better themselves to become someone that they may not be able to be in their own country; you don’t see professionals, wealthy people from other countries immigrating here to become a busboy or a dishwasher because they are already “someone” in their own land.
People that come here come to be what their corrupted government does not allow them to be as fast as they can do here. I know that because if it was not for a communist government in my
country I would never have dreamed of being a resident of this great nation. I used to come here in the morning do some shopping, have lunch in a Miami restaurant and catch the afternoon flight back to Cuba; I am not ashamed to say that I lived too good in my own country to leave it.
I prospered here and I am blessed and thank this great nation for what I have accomplished, but what I have accomplished here I could have done in my own country without being a dishwasher, a busboy or a waiter, but a communist government forced me to leave my car, my chauffer, and my life of luxury.
Remember this, the difference between Communism and Democracy is simple: Democracy is the exploitation of the man by the man; Communism is the exploitation of the man by the government and that is what the Democrats are looking for. Another thing to remember: Democrats do not mean Democracy.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
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Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.
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