Bob Beers, Steve Seroka, Danny Tarkanian, Lisa Mayo and all the rest…

Las Vegas city Council may be preparing for a political war
Las Vegas city Council may be preparing for a political war

It cost the people of Las Vegas big time to lose the best councilman they ever had, city councilman Bob Beers, when he lost his election bid. It cost the publisher and owner of this newspaper to be expelled
from the Las Vegas City Hall and escorted out of the council chamber by city marshals like a regular criminal, but now, after eighteen months, they want to recall Councilman Steve Seroka, the man that Las Vegas Tribune has called a corrupted public official.
The recall was filed by one-time Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman who has been trying to get back into collecting a government check since she was ousted from the Nevada Assembly two years ago. Seaman wanted to run for Congress in the last election, but was conned out of the race by the Danny Tarkanian clan and now has resurfaced to do what she does best, interrupt the system.
Gathering signatures for a recall is EXTREMELY difficult… exactly the way elected officials want it.
Also gathering signatures for a recall is EXTREMELY tiresome and that is one thing that Victoria Seaman is good at, she is always tired and working is not in her dictionary; she likes things easy because she “is a very busy person and doesn’t have time to work.”
However, we are here to judge or to speak about a one-time politician who does not know much about anything and changes her opinion every time she brushes her teeth.
We are here to explain that taking Steve Seroka out of office is a very costly endeavor and not an easy task to raise money; as much as we’d love to see Steve  Seroka out of office it is like a dream come true for those of us at Las Vegas Tribune, but our mission is never to do things hatefully; the recall committee should find a capable candidate because one year in the Nevada Assembly does not give anyone the experience necessary to become a city council.
Maybe after the money is raised, after the plan is put in perspective and a real, honest hard-working council candidate is found it could be time for Seroka to run for a second term reelection.
Not to give the impression that we are favoring anyone because we are, we would like to see Bob Beers being put on the list of candidates to replace Seroka because we believe that Bob Beers is the best person to
hold his former position, but that is impossible.
It is impossible because it is our belief that Victoria Seaman is Bob Beers’ most favorite person in this world and if we are not mistaken, campaign manager Lisa Mayo still manages Seaman’s political career as
well as controlling Bob Beers’ political career, mind and soul.
The big picture in all this, as we see it in our conspiracy theory mentality, is that it is another political game to take control of city hall.
Michelle Fiore is supporting her good old friend Victoria Seaman to replace Seroka; Michelle Fiore will, most likely, support Amy Tarkanian to replace Amy’s mother-in-law Lois, who is termed out of
her city council seat and by now they are working to recruit Olivia Diaz, the former Assemblywoman that has stepped down from her elected position to run for a better job classification.
Look at the big picture now, two Tarkanians in Ward 1, Victoria Seaman in Ward 2, and Olivia Diaz in Ward 3.
With Michelle Fiore in Ward 6 and politicians being as loyal, honest and respectful as they are, it will be no surprise to anyone that with four women controlling four wards they would ignore Ward 5 and place
Councilman Stavros Anthony, who is also controlled by Lisa, to run against Mayor Carolyn Goodman for the second term and take control of city hall.
If that happens it will not be a surprise that Lisa Mayo will make the jump from a mediocre campaign manager to city manager, making her a very powerful individual, which in politics is a very dangerous and
very risky thing for the future of Las Vegas.
Of course let’s not forget the outgoing Democrat from the County Commission, the “me too” candidate (running for governor? me too) (running for mayor? me too) Christina R. Giunchigliani, AKA Chris G,
who has had her eyes on the Mayoral seat for a very long time, she may join the Lisa Mayo brigade and take Anthony out making it an all-female band if they can find one Black female to run in Ward 5.
This newspaper is the foe of politicians and campaign managers because we speak the truth and because Lisa Mayo has stated many times, “Las Vegas Tribune is the newspaper that no one reads,” but we are the
newspaper that tells the truth and nothing but the truth and history has proven us right.

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