Mueller-Comey team up against President Trump

Mueller and Comey denied their long time friendship

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune

Mueller and Comey denied their long time friendship

Thinking that President Donald Trump had any involvement in the Russia collusion and allowed his political enemies to take over the investigation as the Special Prosecutor is the most ridiculous thing anyone could say.
From day one President Trump has maintained his innocence and denied his participation in any way or shape in the Russia collusion and he never objected to the appointed of Robert Mueller as the Special Prosecutor in the case.
Mistakenly the President took too long to replace James Comey as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) when he was legally able to replace him, and when he had to fire him, the attacks began.
President Trump has been a successful businessman but never before was he a politician and for that, he does not know how to play the word games politicians are experts at. He should never have said that he was firing Comey; he should have said that he was “regrettably, replacing a good man like Comey with someone else because Comey would be better used in another assignment”
like Director of counting the cars parked in front of the White House, COO of taking the names of those walking through the front door of the White House or as Protector In Chief, making sure that the president’s coffee is not poisoned.
With assignments like these Director Comey may have quit the same day and the President could not be accused of abusing his power by firing him; President Trump may need to learn how to play the political game besides buying them with “campaign contributions” that opened all the doors for him when he was in private life.
Just three days ago, former FBI Director James Comey refuted President Trump’s suggestion that he is “best friends” with special counsel, Robert Mueller, instead of telling House lawmakers they’re “not friends in any social sense.”
On 12 June, 2017, Breitbart published an article reporting that former Assistant FBI Director James Kallstrom had asserted that fired FBI director James Comey was “best friends” with Robert Mueller, a former Bureau director who has been appointed special counsel to lead an investigation into alleged Russian influence in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Furthermore, Kallstrom reportedly told Breitbart, that relationship presents a conflict of interests which is hampering the Russia probe: “Bob Mueller and Jim Comey are the best of friends and have been for over two decades. How do you appoint a special counsel who is a longtime friend? It’s a massive conflict of interest.”
In a closed-door interview Friday, December 7 of this year with members of the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform Committees, Comey was asked by Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, whether the two men were close.
“I admire the heck out of the man, but I don’t know his phone number. I’ve never been to his house. I don’t know his children’s names. I think I had a meal once alone with him in a restaurant,” Comey said.
They can say whatever they want but the popular opinion is what it is making all possible to have President Trump pay the price for firing his friend. On Monday the Washington Examiner reported that “Comey’s appearance before the joint panel of lawmakers came after a dispute between him and Republicans over a subpoena from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., compelling him to sit for a deposition behind closed doors.”
“The former FBI director challenged the subpoena in federal court, but ultimately agreed to testify if he was able to speak freely after the conclusion of his interview and if the transcript was released within 24 hours.”
President Trump needs to learn the political language and, more importantly, the government modus operandi; when they cannot get their way, they can create, falsify and lie to get what they want regardless of who gets hurt, and for that thousands of people are incarcerated in American prisons after committing no crime whatsoever.
It’s been this newspaper’s long-time opinion that no one walks out of any American courthouse a free person; everyone has to plea to make sure that the government at all levels comes out as the winner, regardless.

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