REVIEW: “Soul, Rock ‘N Blues Revue””

 By Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

You get more talent and quality productions that would please the public. You can’t miss when seeing one of these shows.

Starring Cookie Watkins as Tina Turner, Steven McCoy as Tom Jones, and Eric Martin and Carmen Romano as “The Bluzmen Tribute to the Blues Brothers” for an evening to satisfy everyone’s musical taste! Creating a show with Soul, Rock ‘N Blues music was brilliant, a blend of the “BEST” of each style of music and the “BEST” talent to DELIVER an evening the audience will always remember

When I interviewed Cookie Watkins in her dressing room and saw her show, I realized she had that a special quality, a real talent beyond her impressive Tribute to Tina Turner, she has the ability to sing as ALL of the “Divas of Soul as well as Rock and Roll”!

I reviewed Tina Turner years ago and enjoyed the excitement of seeing her perform but seeing Cookie’s undeniable resemblance and perfect interpretation in her singing and performance was awesome. It was like seeing Tina on stage again! Yet Cookie has the ability to do more than Tina Turner, I can see the depth of her performance to build more musical styles into her show.

Watched Cookie’s high energy, dynamic performance, I felt she stands alone as one woman who is set for stardom. After performing on Broadway in three different venues and for years in the United States and on tours to other countries, I feel that Cookie is on a winning streak.  Facebook@cookiewatkins  


Award-winning Talk Show Host Sandy Zimmerman has been involved in producing television programs, TV commercials, and travel specials for 25 years. Sandy is a syndicated Show and Dining Reviewer, Travel writer, Health Journalist, professional Photographer and talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Show, the Las Vegas Today Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. For information or questions about any of Sandy’s columns, contact Sandy Zimmerman at: (702)-731-6491 or email:     

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