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Let’s become Americans again

Las Vegas Tribune Staff
The Central American Caravan isn’t real; they are not invading our nation; it’s all in the minds of the American people; the invaders are not throwing rocks at the Border Patrol Agents or those military men and women who have been deployed to the California border to protect the American people from those who want to come in illegally or/and by force.
Are the American people to suffer the consequences of having illegal people forcing their way into our country because the Liberal Democrats want to go against the conservative members of the Republican Party and make the whole country suffer the consequences?
This is not a matter of Democrats vs. Republicans; this is not a matter of being a socialist or a conservative; this is now a matter of being American. Our country is being attacked by intruders who want to force their way in to alter our way of living, to break all the rules and disturb our peace and sovereignty.
We believe that it is time to stop all the nonsense, to put our egos aside and think of the country first. Do we really want people who are attacking our military — our men and woman in uniform who are putting their lives on the line in order to protect our country, our borders and our safety — to get the impression that they can walk all over our citizens?
Every country has borders and immigration laws in order to keep things as they should be; why does the United States have to be the exception to the rule? Why do we have to be the stepchild of the human race by being forced to allow those invaders to walk into our country by force?
We once had the president of another country coming in to speak to the American Congress; we had the Pope walking all over the American people by speaking to the U.S. Congress and demanding that our country open its borders and allow everyone in because it is the “humanitarian” thing to do, while the Vatican has higher and longer walls than does the United States.
Who gives these people the right to come here and tell us how to run our country? When has the president of the United States of America been allowed to go to the Vatican or to any other country and speak to their Congress?
Why is the United States of America acting so weak by allowing these people to walk all over this nation?
We agree with President Donald Trump in his way of securing the borders and we agree that it has to be done in a bipartisan way and it has to be done as soon as possible, no questions about it.
Once we take control of our borders, once we take possession of our country again we can go back to arguing about other things like the economy, the right to be born, and even English as the main and only language to reign in our country.
It is very important that all Americans—Democrats, Republicans, Independents and as many of any other parties there may be to unite in order to protect our country and save our borders.
Let’s take a step back and allow the president and his administration to work on protecting the borders of our country now, and later we can get back to our life, our differences of opinion, and attacking each other within our own borders.
Family, right or wrong, is family, and that is how it should be; we can argue a lot, we can attack each other, but in the end, we should remember that we are all fighting for the same goal, the security of our country.
There should be no doubt in any one’s mind that we all have the same goal of protecting our land and our loved ones and all who live here, making sure that we do not allow unauthorized outsiders to come here to destroy what we have worked so hard to create, making this country the best country of them all. And that is not to say that we close out those who want to enter legally.
We do not need socialists infiltrating our country turning this great nation into another Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea where any kind of freedom is a myth, a thing of the past, in those oppressed countries.
The American mentality is the mentality of capitalism; we work to better ourselves, do not believe that being wealthy is a sin, and don’t believe that those with bigger bank accounts are our enemies. We work instead to become equal to those with much “healthier” bank accounts.
Deep inside we may want to become as wealthy as possible and compete with those who have already gotten to that finishing line because that’s the American way.
It’s time to become Americans again and we hope to see our country once again become the best country of them all.
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