Don’t step on my toe, it hurts…

By Perly Viasmensky
Well, it also hurt when you stepped on my toe and we had to deal with it. The situation with the invasion of Central Americans trying to cross the border into the United States is touching Mexico now, even as they never would have believed it. They have nobody to blame but themselves when the invasion started showing up on Mexican soil and Mexican authorities neglected to send them back. They probably thought that they would be crossing straight through to the United States, and so they let them cross their border. Little did they know that the invaders were taking on their territory.
We need to go back and forth into similar situations when Mexico deported Cubans knowing that their lives were in danger by returning them to Cuba. It never touched their hearts to grant them political asylum for “humanitarian” reasons.
Now they have hundreds of thousands of fake political asylum seekers; none of them are actually politically persecuted in their own country.
I remember when President Donald Trump, during his campaign for the presidency, said: “Mexico does not send us their best — they send gang members, drugs, diseases …” Every Mexican in the United States took it
personally when in reality Mr. Trump was not speaking about Mexicans directly, he meant all illegal aliens coming through the border.
Univision Jorge Ramos took it upon himself to claim that Donald Trump was against Mexicans. Up to this date, Ramos still begins or ends his program with a derogatory comment against Donald Trump.
Some news reports claim that in the invasion (some continue calling it a “caravan,” which it is not; it is truly an invasion of another’s land and property) there are unaccompanied children and pregnant women.
We need to look at pictures of members of the invasion. The majority of the people in that invasion are young men of military age.
I also had a dream such as Martin Luther King once had; of course, mine was a little different. I didn’t dream I could be president for 24 hours, because that would too high of a dream. But if I could be a real governor (not a socialist governor) of my state for 24 hours, I would allow those people to come in and start the process for their
political asylum.
The questions would be simple: “Do you know the meaning of political asylum? Do you know that there is no return to your country of origin while the present regime you claim is persecuting you is still in office?
“Since you are claiming you have no job in your country, and you are coming into the United States for economic reasons, we, Americans, are willing to grant you political asylum.”
“Go to that bus…” The asylum-seeker may then ask, “Where is that bus taking me?” “You want to be in the United States and away from your persecuted government, well you are now, since you are in the military age range, going to BOOT CAMP, ready to be trained in the Army, Marines, Navy, or Air Force to fight in the wars for the country in which you are asking for refuge.
Enlist them all to fight for the freedom of the country they want to invade.
When those men in the invasion are placed into military Boot Camps, we are going to see lots of deserters going back to the same country they claim was persecuting them.
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas

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