Billy Bush recording came to light, Mike Pence “went into hiding”

Bugged Device
Could the white house be bugged?
By Rolando Larraz
The history books, media articles, and on-site witnesses concurred that in the late fifties Cuba was under an alleged dictatorial government, but under such dictatorial political structure, the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, was incarcerated and among other benefits, Castro had his own telephone line, his own television set and his own library in his cell; those were the benefits of being incarcerated under an alleged “dictatorship” regime.
Many feel that such was part of the downfall that made Fulgencio Batista forced out of his own country by American politicians and that may very well be the same reason why President Trump needs to make his campaign promise a reality.
Batista went down in history as a dictator, but in reality his downfall was that he did not know how to be a dictator; most of the people that were so-called “revolutionaries,” anti-Batista and followers of Fidel Castro were arrested at one time or another and a few were incarcerated as were Castro and his brother Raul after attacking an army headquarters, and yet they all left the prison walking on their own, alive and well. Many others left Cuba under
asylum to live in Mexico, a country that was and still is a “protector” of Fidel and his people.
Closing the borders, building a wall, protecting all of our ports of entry, and securing the safety of all American citizens were some of President Trump’s campaign promises and the president needs to fulfill
those promises as soon as possible.
He must not and cannot become a weak president like all the others who preceded him; from day one, the Las Vegas Tribune has been a voice in favor of President Trump and we have been advocates for the firing of FBI Director James Comey, and for the distancing of himself from Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and others who were not by his side looking out for his best interests.
The President of the United States has the right to change his FBI Director by replacing the outgoing president’s choice with his own choice of a director with someone he trusts and who can be depended on. President Trump did not need to wait until there was a reason to fire Comey; he did not need a reason or an excuse. He needed people he
could trust by his side and Comey was not that kind of person.
In fact, the Las Vegas Tribune went so far as to suggest that President Trump should not trust the then-Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, or even Vice President Mike Pence.
Why Mike Pence? many will ask, and the reason that we do not trust our Vice President is because he did not show a real “watch your back” to the man who chose him as a running mate after the Billy Bush fiasco where the “black sheep” Bush tried to entrap candidate Trump by recording an alleged private conversation and made it public to help the younger Bush in the presidential dynasty.
When the Billy Bush recording came to light, Mike Pence “went into hiding” and disappeared from the map for at least five days; when he realized that the “Bushgate” did not work and Trump’s popularity continued rising, he came out of what we had assumed was hiding.
The elder Bush on one occasion said that he would like to see three generations of the Bushes as president, but Mr. Bush forgot that the American people are not too fond of dynasties; besides that, Mr. Bush was no longer the president and could not force his wishes on the American people. The younger Bush did not become the president of the United States because, like it or not, in an almost-democracy, the people elect the president, rather than one aging related-to-the candidate former president.
It could be our conspiracy theory mentality or it could be our version of Elvis Presley’s “suspicious mind,” but we always see both Mike Pence and Paul Ryan running on a presidential race ticket — but we have not figured out who will be the president and who will be the vice-president.
It has always been our humble opinion that the White House has been wiretapped by a former resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and that is why he is the only former president that has not gone back to his hometown and instead has chosen to reside only two miles away from the White House, which makes many wonder if it is possible to hear what is being said in the White House that far away.
The Las Vegas Tribune has written about this before; it is not a repetition of an old article, it is just keeping the same topic before our readers so they can be aware of what could possibly be a sad reality if this newspaper happens to be right.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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