Wake Up America…

Lies, betrayals, election misconduct, lack of integrity, distrust in the system and in those elected to represent the citizens of this great nation, the open display of immorality by the same people that tell the country to elect them, abuse of power, and many other serious reasons are among the things the American people need to wake up to in order to move on and take their country back.
Democrats are working hard at turning the country into a communist regime or system that is the complete opposite of what this nation is all about.
Republicans are helping the Democrats to succeed in their commitment to turn the country into another Russia, Venezuela or Cuba by doing nothing to stop their endeavors with the same arrogant attitude that has been the party trademark for a very long time.
If the Democrats are so insensitive as to think that the American people are that naive that they can feed them all kinds of lies and tricks and get them to slip by unnoticed; if the Republicans think that they are all that and they don’t think they need to create an effortless vote of registration or communicate with the American voters, then it is time for the American people to wake up and take over that very same task that those who have betrayed the nation with their greedy behavior and making themselves into God’s Gift to the country by refusing to leave their elected positions, which are supposed to be term-limited for a reason.
We the people should be humble enough to appreciate the fact that these elected officials so gratefully accepted the task of serving the voters by putting aside their private life and their future to serve the constituents; but when those same people start playing musical chairs and jumping from one office to another, making their service a
career, that is a different matter.
We are not even going to mention those who have been at the U.S. Senate or at the House of Representative for decades and refuse to leave; some of them have been in that job for almost half a century.
We are a local newspaper and as a local newspaper we like to stay with local issues and local problems to keep our readers informed as much as possible and open their eyes to what they don’t see.
Take for example former County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani who came from the Nevada Legislature to serve the people of Clark County for twelve years. Commissioner Giunchigliani took a shot at the governor seat and Nevadans closed the door on her, perhaps because the voters assumed that two offices were enough, but now the “hard working deal-maker” wants to keep signing her check on the back and wants to run for mayor of Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn Goodman, is doing a very good job and does not need any distraction when she has one more four-year term to serve the people of Las Vegas; Chris Giunchigliani does not need to run anymore; she needs to find a job in the private sector or open her own business as advisor for local real estate agent Ron Mac Menemy.
Then we have the City Councilwoman in Ward 3, Lois Tarkanian, who is termed-out and cannot keep her job with the city any longer but seems to be brainwashing her daughter-in-law to run for that office so she may be able to keep getting a salary as an assistant to the councilwoman.
Amy Tarkanian, Lois’s daughter-in-law, has not been able to elect her husband to any of the eight offices he has run for. How she can elect herself to her own city race is beyond the imagination of many; dynasty does not work too well with the voters of Las Vegas.
The people of Las Vegas need a new face and a different name besides the famous (?) Tarkanian in that city council seat; the elder Tarkanian is getting up there in age; she has some physical challenges, including having to ask several times, “What did you say?” during the city council meetings, and now she wants to become her
daughter’s law assistant?
Let’s not forget the councilman in Ward 1, the infamous Bob Coffin, AKA James Coffin, who has not declared his intentions to run for another office but we know that is coming because he does not know how to do anything else.
People in Nevada need to take their state back by not ever again allowing their governor to betray the people of the state by taking orders from ‘the senator that never retired,’ Harry Reid, and voting for a governor that promises not to be a puppet for anyone regardless of the name or the position.

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