Tucker Carlson unmasks Univision reporter

Carson:“I just want to get to the practical part of this.
By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune

Carson: “I just want to get to the practical part of this” 

Last week on the Fox News coverage of the Central America Invasion, during a Tucker Carlson interview with Enrique Acevedo while covering the arrival of the Central American invasion to Tijuana for Univision, it was obvious that the Spanish network is in favor of the mass invasion and tried to diminish the danger and the interruption to the peace of this country.
“It’s a movement of people, thousands of people, around 5,000 have already arrived at Tijuana and the border with San Diego; it’s not a national emergency and it’s not a threat to the national security of the United States,” Acevedo told Tucker Carlson, during the Fox News show that carries his name.
“Most of the people that are part of this caravan are just pushing strollers through Mexico. They are families, women, [and] babies just trying to get to the U.S. to legally request asylum, something that President Trump is making much, much harder,” Acevedo lied to Carlson who then produced an image of the invaders arriving in Tijuana with not even one woman or one child was in the image.
The fact is that regardless of what anyone may want to say, the caravan is nothing less than an invasion of the nation and the majority of people we have to talk to could be “pretending to be what they’re not and ready to fight the government of this country,” and authorities “must be careful and aware of them” at all times.
Univision is a Mexican television network owned by a consortium of investment firms led by Haim Saban, owner of Saban Capital Group, with ties to Hillary Clinton and personal friends of the Clintons.
In September 2004 Hillary Clinton described Saban as “a very good friend, supporter and adviser” who, along with his wife, between June 2015 and June 1016 donated seven million to her presidential campaign.
The perception of the Spanish community in the United States is that both Spanish networks, Univision and Telemundo, display an obvious and total anti-American sentiment in their media conglomerate, according
to sources within a great number of people within that community. Carlson told Acevedo “I just want to get to the practical part of this. So we were told by anchors across the spectrum on television
that the caravan was a thousand miles away. They were walking. It would be weeks before they got to our border. I wake up this morning and there they are, how’d that happen? Did they run or did someone pay
buses to take them up here? And you didn’t tell us that part.”
“It took them almost a month or over a month to get from Honduras to the U.S.-Mexico border. Not all of them have arrived, some of them are still trying to get to this point, Tucker. And yeah, some of them were able to catch a ride and get on a bus, on trailers, on the back of trucks that were carrying chickens and pigs,” Acevedo fired back but
did not seem to be denying the fact that someone was donating the transportation for them to travel from their country to Tijuana, Mexico.
“No, no, no, no… wait, that’s not quite right,” the host, Tucker Carlson, pushed back. “So you are saying nobody chartered any buses to bring them up here? Because I think we have videos showing chartered buses bringing them up here and you’re the reporter on the scene. You don’t think there are any chartered buses whatsoever?”
“I haven’t seen anyone chartering buses to bring them to the border. I’ve seen Mexican officials, for example, here in Tijuana, providing transportation from this point to the border,” Acevedo added. “I am happy to share the footage with Fox News, the footage from our correspondent who traveled with them in the back of a bus that usually
carries chickens.”
As honest and respectful as he could be, Tucker Carlson told Acevedo, “What I am saying is what you’re engaging in is propaganda designed to convince people to think something that is not true. So I think we both know the majority of people, including the people on the tape moving from Honduras and Guatemala, are men, young men, without their wives and children, right? Or are you not going to admit that?” Carlson shot back.

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