What gives with the election results — and nonresults?

We must have the most inept newsroom personnel and equally ignorant editorial department if, ONLY IF, we believe that these elections were conducted in an honest fashion and constitutionally legal way.
We found the election results questionable and doubtable because of the way it was conducted and because almost all the Republican candidates were decent individuals that dared to question the outcome and the rest of them were too cowardly to open their mouths to upset anyone by asking about the results as they did in Florida and Arizona.
We on the other side are honest enough to do our job as a community watchdog and ask and bring to light a very simple question, and we dare anyone to give us an answer, an honest answer: Doesn’t anyone find it to be odd and a little too much of a coincidence that allthree major races — U.S. Senate, Congressional District 3 and Congressional District 4 — ended up on the winning side, garnering “fifty-one percent” of the votes?
The Attorney General race was even a little more than a coincidence since after all night the Republican candidate had been ahead; then at the last minute, without anyone questioning it, the results showed a switch over to the Democrat candidate with no experience?
We don’t even go into questioning the governorship race because we happen to find it the most disgraceful race in the history of Nevada, if not in the nation, when the party in office supports the opposite party — again, most likely taking orders from his master one more time.
We have no idea or knowledge of what former Senator Harry Reid, the senator that doesn’t ever go away, may have promised the flamboyant Nevada RINO Governor Brian Sandoval, but we are willing to bet that there was something for the greedy political pawn, former Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.
We are wondering who the former Senator is planning to betray this time to reward his Nevada Governor. First was Dina Titus, then it was Ruben Kihuen, and now we wonder who will be Reid’s next victim?
We don’t believe that he dares to betray Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, with whom at one time, for a short while, he had a thin relationship and she proved to be able to succeed, to win, forcing him to give in and replaced Governor Sandoval’s victim, Senator Dean Heller, now as the Senior Senator for Nevada.
We believe that the Republican Party should look into this and do something about it. When the numbers are so close every candidate has the right to question it and request a recount.
We are not ignorant of the fact that most likely our clout as a newspaper is not as strong as we’d like it to be even if we are stronger than many people — politicians, and other news outlets — would like us to be, so we challenge those with stronger voices than ours to do their job and speak up and write about the miscarriage of honesty, like Chuck Muth is doing in this issue of the Las Vegas Tribune.
We do not expect a Steve Sibelius or the Jon Ralstons of the liberal media to do anything about this; in fact we believe they are very pleased with the results of this elections, but we urge those other members of the media and the daily newspaper to speak up and say something; it is like the law enforcement agencies always say, “See
something, say something.”
We will expect those who brag about their friendship with the president and their support for the president to speak up for the good of the community and the future of our state.
We believe that no one wants a sanctuary community, with dope on the school grounds, higher taxes and communist leaders ruling the life of the residents of Nevada; we believe that no one wants to turn Clark County or the State of Nevada into another California; we believe that no one wants to see the wonderful life that we now have turned into a cult society with open borders for anyone and everyone to just walk into freely.
We urge those oldtimers; those born and raised here; those who, at one time or another, had served their community in any capacity; those who have lost any election in the past or present; to come out and do
something, prove yourselves to the community and speak out, loud and clear.
We plead to both the County Republican Party and the State Republican Party to wake up and lead the community to a better future, be the leaders that you all want the people of Nevada to believe you are.
Don’t allow those who have taken our state prisoner — under the mostterrible type of government system — to succeed. After this election fiasco, what do we have to lose?

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