Showgirls belong on the stage, bankers behind their desks

By Perly Viasmensky
I happened to walk into my bank last week and I was very surprised to see some of those bankers dressed as showgirls — or even worse, as escorts — with ten-inch high heels, false eyelashes longer than their fingernails and, topping all that, with nasty attitudes.
Some of those ladies at my bank seem to have forgotten that a small bank account, as well as the big hefty bank accounts, are the ones that pay their salaries.
Another thought they lack is the knowledge of bank rules, regulations and the do’s and don’ts of the banking business, especially how to efficiently serve and communicate with the customers.
The other day I went to get some money out of the ATM machine knowing that people like myself, with a small account, are limited to what they can withdraw. I went inside the bank to ask any of those “knowledgeable” bankers what that limit would be, but to my surprise, some did not know and others did not even knew what I was talking
about and suggested that I call the 800 number because their knowledge was so very limited.
Well, I called the 800 number and, to my surprise, the 800 number is not my bank number, but a call center in Texas. After waiting for twenty minutes on the line, I hung up and called again only to get another call center, in Georgia this time, and neither of them knew the answer to my question.
This call center hysteria that has recently been created by national companies may become a problem sometime soon or later; companies like Wells Fargo Bank, T-Mobile and others pretending to be part of those companies, when in reality they are call centers with no ties to the company but only with access to the clients’ and customers’ files and private information.
Maybe the bank managers should be paying more attention to the dress codes of their “bankers” and train them more regarding the internal procedures and the different transactions of the bank so they can serve the account holders more efficiently.
Perhaps the banking regulators should be taking a hard look at this new innovation of hiring call centers to pretend to be part of the bank staff, jeopardizing the security of the bank account holders.
It is bad enough to have companies like T-Mobile hiring call centers where the individuals working the phones are able to see everyone, or at least the ones they are “lucky” enough to be in contact with, looking at their telephone numbers, their credit references, and even their bank account balance, but the banks are a different story.
Also what about those call centers in the Philippines, Dominican Republic, India, and of course Guadalajara and Jalisco, Mexico? Are they bonded? Are they trustworthy? It may be better if those jobs were back in the United States where, if we were going to be taken, ripped off, or swindled, it might as well be by someone in our own country.
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