An Apology is in order

On October 4, 2017, Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian — in her capacity as Mayor Pro-Tem, and in the absence of Mayor Carolyn Goodman — did abuse her position by embarrassing and humiliating the founder and publisher of this newspaper, Rolando Larraz, by calling him names, accusing him without merit and proof of supposedly being a racist and asking the city marshals to escort him out of the city council chambers and consequently out of City Hall only because she did not want to hear, and did not like, what Mr. Larraz had to say during a public comment segment of the meeting.
One year and thirteen days, that is one year and two city council meetings later, during a discussion on Bill No. 2018-24 (Agenda Item 53) local developer Yohan Lowie, using the audience participation segment of the council meeting, mentioned that it was obvious that “the fix was in,” causing an outburst from City Council Bob Coffin who
took the comment personally, causing an exchange of words between the bully councilman and the local developer.
We believe that Councilwoman Tarkanian abused her position by breaking the rules of the city council by engaging in an argument with speakers taking advantage of the public comment participation segment.
In the July 25, 2018 edition of the Las Vegas Tribune, Alexandra Cohen wrote, “Steve Seroka, one of the newest elected members of the Las Vegas City Council, has been accused of corruption by a developer over the long-running, divisive Badlands Golf Course dispute.”
The article explains that developer Yohan Lowie had sued Seroka in federal court and the battle escalated after Councilman Steve Seroka sponsored a bill directly designed to alter Lowie’s plans to build on his own land.
We now believe that developer Yohan Lowie has added the city of Las Vegas to that suit or has filed a new lawsuit against the City of Las Vegas and it is obvious that Lowie hit the spot when he stated that “the fix is in,” causing the bully councilman to jump out of his seat, responding to the comment by breaking the rules of the council
regarding not engaging in discussions with the speakers, the same thing his counterpart Tarkanian did with our publisher.
The only difference between the actions of these two bullies is that in the fight of Coffin vs. Lowie, Mayor Goodman interfered and asked Councilman Coffin to refrain from arguing with the speaker.
In the case of Tarkanian vs. Larraz, when Mayor Goodman was absent and Tarkanian was acting as Mayor for a Day, she was using derogatory statements toward a man who has been part of this community for the last sixty years.
We are not aware if Mayor Goodman was informed of the incident when she got back or if in fact she was informed and decided not to take action one way or the other, which in essence ended up being taking sides with her fellow city council member and friend, instead of showing Larraz the same loyalty that he and this newspaper has shown
to her husband, former Mayor Oscar Goodman; to the Mayor herself; to her son, Judge Eric Goodman, respecting his privacy during a moment the newspaper thought the Goodman family needed and deserved, out of respect to the patriarch of the family, Mayor Oscar Goodman, who still stands tall in the eyes of everyone in this organization.
We believe that Mayor Carolyn Goodman should have given our founder and publisher the respect he deserves also, and which he has given to the Goodman family; at least, if nothing else, to hear his side of the story, because as Mr. Larraz has always stated, “There are always three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth.” We happen to
believe that the behavior of both Tarkanian and Coffin toward Larraz was personal, not business.
Larraz was the publisher of the first Spanish newspaper in Nevada, founder of the first Spanish radio show and the first Spanish television show, as well as being instrumental in facilitating the money to merge the two Black newspapers in Nevada; he also founded the first bi-lingual answering service in Nevada, gave three morning hours
of radio show time for Black issues; donated one whole month of airtime in celebration of Black History Month, and one hour a week of airtime to the transgender community to educate the public.
Mr. Larraz no longer lives in Las Vegas, but if that type of record is racist, we may be from Jupiter. If Mr. Lowie can express his feelings toward one member, Mr. Larraz should not be singled out; we believe the City Council owes Mr. Larraz an apology.

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