You make me sick, Brian Greenspun!

Brian Greenspun son of the funder of Las Vegas Sun
Brian Greenspun son of the funder of Las Vegas Sun

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me this is one of the most difficult weeks to write a column in a weekly newspaper, only a few days before Election Day with the publication coming out one day after the election; it is very difficult to guess the results and write accordingly.
Normally most of the newspaper content is done by early Tuesday leaving only the front page for the most fresh and important news to close the edition so it can be ready by very early Wednesday morning so I am not going to guess the results of the elections and only write  a little about my sentiments as the nation is getting ready to close
another political chapter.
One thing I can say about not only this but any election cycle is, I am glad it is over. I am glad the American people are able to take a break from all the lies and misleading statements the candidates have been giving out to the voters.
For example the Democrats accused Adam Laxalt of getting financed by the Koch brothers, but they did not mention that Susie Lee was also getting financial help from outside the Nevada state border line, and Jackie Rosen has been getting a good chunk of money from California socio-communist Dianne Feinstein; but that information is apparently not too important because they are Democrats and they are allowed to do whatever they want — right?!
Then we have the liberal editor of the eight page-insert in the daily newspaper telling the two regular readers they have that it is President Donald Trump’s divisive position and faults, and former President Barack Obama telling those attending his rally that the “other side is mad; they won — why are they mad?”
“As a nation, we urgently need to return to the civil, non-divisive and truthful process of governing that has guided our republic during the many decades of its enduring greatness. That will be impossible if a figure as important as the president continues his wild behavior,” wrote the Las Vegas Sun on Sunday.
And I am wondering, Mr. former President, who has been attacking the winning side since day one; who has been complaining and crying like a baby since then, and who has been turning the tables around, accusing the winning side of anything and everything?
The only way a normal person can believe you, Mr. former President and friend of another former president, Bill Clinton, who disgraced every elected office he has held, is if they read the eight-page insert in the Las Vegas daily newspaper.
An anti-Semitic monster slaughters 11 Jews at a peaceful worship service because he believed crazy conspiracy theories, and this narcissistic and insensitive president jokes about canceling an event that night because of a “bad hair day” is another misconstrued paragraph in the eight-page insert in the Las Vegas daily newspaper.
Come’n Brian, in all the years I’ve known you, you had me fooled by making me believe that you cared for Las Vegas and Nevada as much as your late father did; but accusing the president of being involved in the actions of an anti-Semitic monster is not only careless, but libel at best.
“Usually, presidents have such a strong moral center that the nation feels inspired to follow their lead, but this one is so malformed and misanthropic that Americans have to call on him to simply act like a human,” the full page editorial continued in last Sunday’s eight-page insert in the Las Vegas daily.
Brian! Brian! Brian! How can you talk about “such a strong moral center” when you had a guest in your home, where your wife and your children live, and he’s the most immoral human being in the nation? Isthat why you made the transition of moving from Bonita Street to your palace in Henderson so you could be the West Coast White House for the Clintons?
Your father has been my journalistic hero since I arrived in Las Vegas sixty years ago, and either I am a complete fool or I am infatuated with the memory of your father, but I believe that he would be very disappointed in you if he could see your actions now.
I believe your father was a fighter for the right cause — and either he was a very good actor or a very passionate man. I still have in my mind his defense for the Honorable Harry Claiborne and I still can see your father, a wealthy, popular newspaperman, owner of the most powerful newspaper of that era, on Fremont Street giving his newspaper
out to passersby with the Judge Claiborne story on the front page so everyone could read about the feds miscarriage of justice.
One good thing coming out of all your lies, word games and misconstruction of facts — and now it’s my time to lie to my readers — I am glad you are feeling sorry for all the members of the immigrant caravan and are opening your Henderson palace to house many of them; nothing less could be expected from such a generous man as you.
I have no idea why I defended you when your siblings wanted to shut down the newspaper your father built from scratch until it became the best newspaper in the State. I am sorry you turned out that way. You make me sick, Brian Greenspun!
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column. Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him
at: or at 702-272-4634.

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