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Steve Sisolak

By Las Vegas Tribune staff

Steve Sisolak
Jacky Rosen
Tick Segerblom

It should be a sad day for the American people of this nation and especially for those who live in Nevada after seeing the results of yesterday’s election.
Las Vegas, as part of the state of Nevada, has been for many years a wonderful city in which to live; peaceful, (up to the present), and a safe place in which to raise a family — before the Californians started invading Clark County. We now have a governor, Steve Sisolak, that likes and wants to see open borders, dividing Nevadan families for his own benefit regardless of who gets hurt; a County Commission Tick Segerblom who promotes the use of drugs, both who ignore the past of our great state with the idea of turning Nevada into a socialist state.
Democrats have taken more than enough seats and offices that will make Nevada another California. The devil should be happy today.
California has invested millions in the Nevada elections and more millions in Nevada politicians so Nevada can become another socialist state like California
Californians moved here to avoid the high taxes and outrageous rents that California imposes on its citizens to gain the blessings that Nevada offered. They loved the advantage of selling a small home in California and being able to buy a massively larger home in Nevada for their California selling price.
The Las Vegas Tribune has been trying to alert the voters of what could happen and what the consequences would be by voting for immigrated-Californian’s extreme socialism policies. However, that is exactly what has happened by voting how they did.
Republicans should have fought harder for the positions they were holding and defend the attacks the socialists were firing on their candidates; they should have told the people of Nevada that Senator Heller did not betray his constituents; instead RINO Governor Brian Sandoval betrayed the people of Nevada, by ordering Dean Heller to
turn his back on the party and separate himself from the president by not attending the Ohio Republican Convention. Heller later realigned himself with the president on tax reform, border security and the revision of ObamaCare, but apparently, that didn’t matter.
Heller won 15 of the 17 counties in Nevada over his opponent Jacky Rosen, however, the large population of California immigrants in just two counties controlled the popular vote.
Our founding fathers knew that smaller population areas deserve equal representation and set up the Electoral College so pockets of larger populations couldn’t control the voices of larger areas of our country. However, such a system only applies to Presidential elections and to Nevada elections.
Now it seems the socialistic California immigrants’ policies will massively drive up taxes and impose multiple regulations to obtain what they think the government should supply.
What state will those California immigrants migrate next?

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