Shame on Sisolak, Democrats, Media

First was the unprovoked attack of Meghan Kelly after the president expressed his opinion on Rosie O’Donnell; then came the Bush-orchestrated taped conversation that had Mike Pence running for escape for the next five days; later the Russian Collusion followed by the firing of FBI Director James Comey that should have taken place one minute after the President had taken the Oath of Office but it seems that those close to the president do not read him the Las Vegas Tribune articles; then the porn-actress that scored big with someone who later became the president of this nation.
One thing after the other, since January 20, 2017, everything that happens on our soil is President Donald Trump’s fault; every drop of rain has no doubt been provoked by the president.
The thousands of immigrants crossing the Mexican border to get to the United States…how dare these Central Americans have the audacity to take the Mexican path to this country! They were not paid by Trump, but he got the blame for not opening the borders to everyone.
The shootings in the Philadelphia synagogue were made by an AR-15-style assault rifle and at least three handguns; a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs opened fire inside a Pittsburgh synagogue and it was most likely organized by the same people that paid the caravan of Central Americans trying to cross the Mexican border and killing at least 11 congregants and wounding four police officers and two others, authorities said, but it is still easy to blame Donald Trump.
Enough is enough. President Trump has been president since January 20, 2017, and the socialist mainstream media and the communist-Democrats have not stopped blaming him for everything that happens in the nation even if it is a natural disaster, such as hurricanes, over which he has no control.
These radical groups need to get over it and start preparing for the 2020 election to see if they can win again, which is debatable because the citizens have been awakened and the great majority realize that socialist mainstream media has been lying all along, for too long, and now they are no longer needed, thanks to all those modern “inventions”
such as Twitter and the rest of the social media that the president uses to communicate directly with the nation.
Let’s face it; maybe the older generation is not fully practical on social media and the internet but most of us are able to get on the internet, send emails, and if not, find someone who knows how to do things and keep us informed without the interference of the socialist mainstream media.
We are now able to find and learn the truth from other sources besides the New York Times and the Washington Post; we are now able to learn both sides of any story and not only what the socialist mainstream media wants us to know.
It is no longer a one-sided story and that is what has them mad as hell; twelve people of the Laxalt family have broken the sacred family bond and are attacking their governor candidate family member, but twenty-four other family members have come forward and have defended that same candidate for governor relative with the same passion as anyone else could have done.
We understand that family feuds are possible but family betrayal is a sin that must be punished on both sides, the side of the sinner and the one who provoked the sin.
It does not matter how many days one goes to church, and how many times one repents; if it is not real and sincere, the repentance is hypocritical.
Steve Sisolak should not ever allow his campaign team to use or to buy those twelve members of the Laxalt family to benefit his campaign. If he cannot win fair and square, it means he is not qualified to be governor of the state of Nevada.
It is embarrassing and shameful that families attack each other for financial or political promises that most likely will never be able to be fulfilled.
Most families have been able to keep the traditions from one generation to the next: the traditions taught by our parents (“family, right or wrong, is still family”) and loyalty is one quality that families owe to each other.
Between the communist-Democrats and the socialist mainstream media it is hard to define who is more dangerous and more evil; and because they are aware that their power has been melted, thanks to President Donald John Trump, they are fighting with all they have and all they can to gain back whatever they had until November 2016 when the nation spoke, fought and won the opportunity to make America great again.

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