Our choices for other county offices

Minddie Lloyd

Again as previously stated we are hoping that some of Clark County voters are among those who did not vote early and as good Americans on November 6th will take the time to cast their votes.
Without any hesitation and with similar feelings and honesty as with the rest of our recommendations, we believe that these are the candidates that the Nevada voters should choose in next week’s election. For County Assessor we

Gina McClain
Minddie Lloyd
Jill MacFarlane

choose and recommend Gina McClain.For County Clerk, with great pleasure, we choose and recommend no one but Minddie Lloyd who is a hard-working young lady who is always willing to help and we believe that in her new job she will help even more. For County Recorder, as much as we respect the incumbent, Debbie Conway, who we had supported in the past and believe she may be doing a good job as County Recorder, we find it very ironic that she did not answer any of our calls until later, when we learned that she had said in private that this year she could not afford to be communicating with the Las Vegas Tribune and be the chosen one.
Maybe Debbie Conway has been in her present position a little too long and either owed too many favors to others or has become too weak and is now controlled by special interest groups that are telling her who she is or is not allowed to communicate with. Our guess is that Jill MacFarlane is ready to step in and replace the former assistant of the former County Recorder Fran Dean, so our recommendation, our choice for County Recorder, is Jill MacFarlane.

Judge Jerry Tao
Mathew Harter

In the race for the Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court Department C we have to apply our own medicine to ourselves; we cannot vote for who we like but for who will do better for the people of Nevada looking for justice and we believe that even if Jerry Tao is not friendly with Las Vegas Tribune, he is the better choice for the people of Nevada. We choose to support Jerry Tao for Supreme Court Department C.
For Supreme Court Department G, we do not have to think twice: the people of Nevada will be able to get justice by seating Mathew Harter in Department G of the Nevada Supreme Court, so we heartily recommend and choose Mathew Harter.


Judge Mark B. Bailus

In the short time that we’ve known District Court Judge Mark B. Bailus in Department 18, we believe that he’s been doing a good job on the bench. Therefore we recommend that Judge Mark B. Bailus be retained for District Court

These who already won their chosen office during the Primary or those who were not challenged don’t need our recommendations and we feel satisfied with the outcome of those races.

For Clark County School District Trustee in District D, we recommend a vote for Kevin Child. We’ve known Kevin Child for a very long time and we believe that he’s a good man and wants the best for the school district as a whole. We believe that while District D is Kevin Child’s district, he looks out for the whole school district in general.

Kevin Child

We believe that changing one’s name just to be first on the ballot is unethical and dishonest and we don’t believe that being tricked like that is a good way to start a campaign; in fact, it’s a good reason to vote for someone with more integrity.
We find Kevin Child to be honest, fair, and one who serves this community with integrity; he is being challenged because — as always happens in our community — when one steps on someone’s toes, that one becomes an obstacle to be eliminated, but we found nothing wrong with the questions Kevin Child is asking about the School District and for that we respect him. We recommend Kevin Child and choose for Department D in Clark County School District.

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