Lake, Black, and Marsh: our Commissioner choices

Trish Marsh

By Las Vegas Tribune staff

Trish Marsh

As Election Day approaches —and hopefully, many Nevada voters did not make the mistake of utilizing the Democrat’s early voting system — we continue with our vote recommendations as we have been doing for the last two weeks.
In the past, many using the early voting system have seen their vote going to the wrong candidate or even to waste for many reasons; maybe one candidate they voted for had a wrongdoing exposed just before the election; maybe another discovery could have come to light just days or even hours before election day, which would have merited that vote going to another candidate — so we hope that our recommendation in telling you this is not going to go to waste.
Clark County Commission has for too long been controlled by the Democratic Party, and it has not been a pretty picture, to say the least; it is time that we put a stop to early voting for the good of the community.
If the voters in County Commission District E don’t want to see the longtime name recognition of our world-famous McCarran Las Vegas airport changed to something else; if they do not want to see their beloved District E turned into a Sanctuary territory and run as a socialist-communist district by the outgoing politician and her comrade, then District E has to be turned over to Trish Marsh and no one else.
Trish Marsh has fresh ideas, good intentions and is not a career politician; she will work hard to prove that she can do the job. We strongly recommend Trish Marsh for County Commissioner District E.

Tisha Black

We believe that for District F, there is only one choice if we need to end the socialist-communist dictatorship that has existed for several decades, and that choice is Tisha Black.
As a native and lifelong Nevadan resident who grew up in District F, with Real Estate expertise and a partner attorney in her well known and respected law firm, Black & Lovello, and with her business mentality and her love for District F, Clark County, and Nevada as a whole, Tisha Black is the perfect candidate to break the democratic
chain of slavery that has terrorized Clark County for decades.

Cindy Lake

In District G, we have Cindy Lake, a well-known political figure who is respected by all on both sides of the aisle. She has good ideas and conservative principals and an independent mentality. Cindy Lake is another Real Estate professional who could benefit not only the District G constituents but the board members and their decisions in
real estate matters as well.
Cindy Lake earned an undergraduate degree in aviation management. Lake’s career experience includes working as a realtor since 1995. Cindy Lake was at one time very involved with the Clark County Republican Party and many people have referred to her as an “amazing” person.
We strongly recommend that you vote for Cindy Lake and help to Make Las Vegas Great Again.

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