Graham is the best choice for Justice of the Peace Department 1

Judge Elana Graham

By Las Vegas Tribune staff

Elana Graham

For Las Vegas Justice Court Department 1, we are not recommending either one of the two candidates hoping to replace the seat vacated by Judge Debra Lippis who stepped down after twenty-five years serving the community.
We have been very clear on the subject of judges, judicial candidates, or even those connected to judges or judicial candidates by marriage, who are connected in any way with the Cannabis/Marijuana business.
The Nevada Cannabis Laboratory Association (NVCLA) was formed on March 9, 2015, for the purpose of providing consistent analytical testing guidance for the cannabis industry in Nevada.
The NVCLA hereby provides the following recommendations to the Independent Laboratory Advisory Committee regarding Residual Solvents, Cannabinoid, and Terpenoid Testing: The President of Nevada Cannabis Laboratory Association, James Dean Leavitt, now —after three years of “tasting” the power and maybe the quality of the drug — wants to be a judge in Las Vegas Justice Court Department 1.
Maybe James Dean Leavitt wants to be another David Thomas, who not only owns a marijuana business but is also married to a District Court Judge, Nancy Alff, AKA Nancy Thomas, AKA Nancy Alff Thomas or Nancy Thomas Alff. Before the primary election James Dean Leavitt spoke with Las Vegas Tribune leaving the doors open for an interview in weeks ahead, and when we mention that we were aware of his marijuana connection, he never spoke to the newspaper again.
This is the same attorney that we saw once in court wearing sports shoes and a jacket over a white T-shirt, breaking all the rules of proper court appearance and dress code. When we asked the court marshal who he was, the response was astonishing: “He is a very wealthy attorney.” He totally ignored the fact that many people have been sent home for not wearing the “proper clothing” while this “very wealthy attorney” was allowed to dress as he pleased.
Very wealthy and much more famous and respected attorneys such as Oscar Goodman, David Chesnoff, the late John Momot, and Benjamin Childs, just to mention a few, would never be seen in court or in the courthouse for that matter in T-shirt and tennis shoes; we would like to guess what James Dean Leavitt’s work attire will be if he wins this election. We cannot in good conscience recommend this candidate to be part of our judicial system.
If Elana Graham, the other candidate for Justice of the Peace Dept. 1, was not connected to another marijuana businessman, we would not have any problem supporting or recommending her to the Las Vegas Tribune readers. Unfortunately, we were told that her campaign manager is none other than the marijuana businessman David Thomas, the husband of District Court Judge Nancy Alff, AKA Nancy Thomas, AKA Nancy Alff Thomas or Nancy Thomas Alff, who is the direct beneficiary of her husband’s cannabis business.
In fact if we had to choose between one or the other, we would tend to recommend our readers vote for Elana Graham because after all, most of Thomas’ clients are doing a great job from the bench and do not profit from his cannabis business, which is not the case with Thomas’ wife, who benefits from his business by sharing the same bank account and spending money from that account for whatever she uses it for.
The Honorable Joe Hardy and the Honorable Adriana Escobar, to just mention two of Thomas’ clients, are doing a super fantastic job on the bench and are decent, fair and respectable jurists with no connection to any federally illicit business.
Judge Hardy has honored this newspaper by appearing on our radio talk show, knowing how the management and the editorial board of the Las Vegas Tribune views his campaign manager; the same can be applied to Judge Adriana Escobar, who has been known to this newspaper since she was a young lady in her teens when her late mother was an important and respected personage on the Spanish newspaper side of this organization. Judge Escobar’s daughter, on her days off, had her own show on RadioTribune, accompanied by her father, former Nevada
Attorney General George Chano.
The telephone number listed in the campaign information for Elana Graham has been busy for several days and it has been impossible to speak with her and confirm that she is, in fact, represented by Thomas, but we are going to recommend her for the Las Vegas Justice Court Department 1 anyway.

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