We do what we can to educate voters

a process of voting, in writing and typically in secret
a process of voting, in writing and typically in secret

This and next week are the two last editions of the Las Vegas Tribune before election day and this week and next week are the two editions in which we are stating our support for the candidates we intend to vote for because we, at this newspaper, do not believe in early voting. We believe that it is never too much trouble to take time out of our busy schedule to exercise the most valued right we have; we need to take this opportunity to list the candidates we think are the best candidates to get our vote.
It has been our strong position since early voting was created that the socialist-Democrats that have been destroying this great nation with ridiculous ideas are the ones that have created the early voting.
None of us have any idea of what happens when the ballots are taken from one location and are en route to the election department; in fact we do not even know what happens in the election department when they are counting the votes, or who manages the electronic machines that count the votes, or even what political party they are representing.
It is bad enough that the non-Democrats registered are so indifferent to the manipulation by the Democrats, allowing them to control the life of the American people. They want open borders, but we do not see the Obama s opening the doors of their mansion to everyone. We have even been told that the Obama’s mansion in the nation’s capital is bigger than the White House they miss so much.
We do not see Susie Lee opening the doors of her seventeen houses either. We have not heard of Nevada governor socialist candidate Steve Sisolak opening the doors of his home to share it with the less
fortunate; how many people really know where Steve Sisolak lives? In fact, every time he, or any candidate for that matter, sends an email, they’re begging for money: send me $3.00, $5.00, “anything, but send me cash, I need cash.”
Democrats like Tick Segerblom  pushed for and created marijuana laws so the new generation of Nevadans can be high all the time and we wonder if he’ll like to see his grand-kids or great-grand-kids get up in the morning and light up a joint with their morning coffee.
During our years of printing the Las Vegas Tribune we were proud to be “the downtown newspaper,” but today, even if it is a so-called“online” paper, we would not want to be “the downtown newspaper” because strolling by the downtown streets we found them to be dirty, messy, despicable and ugly because the elected officials are not as
they used to be in the Oscar Goodman era when he was in charge and in control.
City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian does not want people to rent the extra rooms (Airbab) in their homes because “business is not to be conducted in residential areas,” but she is afraid to tell a mechanic who operates in a residential area not to do that; now the garage is open at night using a noise machine to take the screws off the tires.
And she is afraid to tell a man at the corner of Arville and Lilliput selling ice cream that he cannot do that, especially without a business license or health card or without telling his customers where he had his hands before he served the ice cream.
Democrats want to make the United States a Sanctuary Country, making the nation the only nation with open borders and a free pass for the criminals as well as the non-criminals to freely walk in and take over the country, ignoring the needs and the laws that we all have been living under during our time of existing.
The Nicaraguans, Salvadorians, and Hondurans are not allowed to cross the border with Mexico to come to the United States because Mexico doesn’t allow it so why can’t the United States do the same at the border with Canada? That question is only fair and only because we do not want to be called racists by mentioning the other border in the San Diego area.
The Clark County Commission has been controlled by Democrats for decades and for decades the corruption has made the board infamous sending several of its members to prison.
Nevadans need to stop the Democrats from using and abusing them and start voting against all socialist-, communist-democrats; they need to become anti-democrats by voting anything else but.

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