Show us the money…

Show us the money
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
The socialist-Democrats that are ruling our state today are so involved in doing everything wrong that they do not care if they are the ones looking foolish and stupid.
They rather support our schools and feed our children with drug money than with gambling money even if they both are products of vice, but with one main difference — gambling was here first and gambling has been the main product of Nevada’s economy from the beginning of the last century.
Drug money is, in many eyes, more despicable than gaming money and it is more acceptable that gaming taxes be used to support schools than marijuana.
The casinos in Las Vegas should not be concerned with legalizing the lottery because those who gamble are gambling regardless and the visiting gamblers most likely come from a city that already has a lottery, but they still come to Las Vegas for the real games; those gamblers that visit our casinos most likely do not buy a lottery ticket.
Seeing that many Las Vegas residents drive almost one hundred miles to the California State line to buy lottery tickets shows how much money the Silver State is missing.
Most casino operators that we have talked to are not opposed to the lottery being legalized in Nevada and a few of them do not see the lottery as competition but as a benefit, because those playing the lottery can win and use their winnings at the tables or the slots.
We see the lottery as an asset to the casinos — if the casinos make room for the lottery kiosks, as they’ve done at the State-line and as they do now with the bingo rooms or the keno lounges keeping the winning lottery ticket in-house and in their tables, bars, restaurants and perhaps in room rentals.
We believe that the lottery tax will help the schools and other institutions that could benefit from it and perhaps help reduce the homeless stigma that has become an embarrassment to our community and an obvious shame for our elected officials who are not capable of doing anything to avoid it.

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