Laxalt, Uehling, Cegavske, Beers among our favorites in state races

By Las Vegas Tribune Staff

                                                            In the race for Nevada Governor 

Adam Laxalt

We throw our support for Nevada Governor to Adam Laxalt. The fact that Adam Paul Laxalt wore the Navy uniform rising to the rank of Lieutenant is a plus in the eyes of many of the individuals involved in the making of this article, plus the fact that Adam Paul Laxalt is a native and four-generation Nevadan, which adds to our dedication for supporting him, and our hope of seeing him as our next governor.
As the grandson of one of the most prominent Nevada political figures, Senator and Governor Paul Laxalt, whose friendship with President Ronald Reagan benefited our state to the max and added to our decision to support this veteran former lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and recommend that your vote for the next Nevada Governor go to Adam Paul Laxalt.
It is time to turn Nevada free of Democrats, starting with your vote for Adam Paul Laxalt, which is the right thing to do for those who live in, work in, and love the great state of Nevada.
                                                       In the race for Nevada Lt Governor

Ed Uehling

We are guilty of having Ed Uehling as one of our closest and dearest friends, and that could make us seem a little impartial, but not enough as to not be able to bring up Ed’s qualifications to serve as the next Nevada Lt. Governor.
Ed believes that to honor and promote Nevada values of individual freedom and initiative is imperative, and he will do so by building on the recent success of Airbab and Uber, which substituted for the expensive, wasteful, government control, allowing thousands of private entrepreneurs to make money for themselves.
We know that Ed will bring tourism to Nevada and Las Vegas, increasing the economy and making Las Vegas a better place to visit and to live.
Ed studied at Johns Hopkins and finished at BYU with a Masters in Public Administration. He went to Chile on a Mormon Church mission where he learned Spanish and was able to lead and work with the Boy Scouts of Chile.
Ed Uehling is, in our opinion, the best candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor.

                               In the race for Nevada Secretary of State
Barbara Cegavske
Barbara Cegavske’s record is well known by everyone in Nevada and her well done job as Secretary of State is undeniable as well as her record as Secretary of State, 2014-present; State of Nevada Secretary of State, 2018; Senator, Nevada State Senate, 2003-2014; United States House of Representatives, 2012; Assistant Minority Floor Leader; Nevada State Senate, 2011 Minority Whip, and Nevada State Senate, 2009.
Nevada will be well served by keeping Barbara Cegavske as the Secretary of State even if they do not know how to pronounce her name. Call her Barbara, of course.
For Nevada Treasury
Bob Beers

Another of our favorite political figures in Nevada, Bob Beers, is in our humble opinion the most dedicated, most intelligent person for the job and the most capable of doing the job, in the most honest and dignified way, serving Nevadans to the max. Bob Beers is the only Certified Public Accountant (CPA) running for the Nevada position.

He was previously elected member of the Las Vegas City Council from 2012 to 2017, Nevada Assembly from 1998 to 2004 and the Nevada Senate from 2005 to 2008.
Bob Beers’ honesty and loyalty to his constituents was put to test in his last year as an elected Las Vegas City Council when he was stabbed in the back by greedy and corrupt members of the council for defending the rights of those who elected him.
Without hesitation and with our eyes closed we recommend and support Bob Beers as Nevada Treasurer because God knows how much we need an honest, intelligent and experienced person in that position.

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