It’s no treat: Don’t be tricked into Tick!

This tick is not a Segerblom,
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

This tick is not a Segerblom

County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani was so sure she was going to win the Socialist nomination for governor of Nevada she started politicking by bringing a musical chairs local politician to replace her to keep the County Commission on the socialist regime where it has been for decades.
Chris Giunchigliani thought that by offering her support and her political connections to her former foe in the race she could be part of his socialist team, but Steve Sisolak did not accept her help.
In turn, she further threw her political weight around onto another socialist, musical chairs player Tick Segerblom, who after years in the Nevada Assembly and the Nevada Senate, introduced laws that made drugs legal in Nevada despite their being federally illegal, and was able to keep the socialist party intact on the Board of the County
In this election term, Nevadans and special voters in Clark County are enjoying a great group of real human beings running to replace many seats on the Board of County Commissions; Republicans like Trish Marsh, Cindy Lake and Tisha Black with exemplary records in the community are all running to replace the Democrats on that board.
A good example of how good candidates are running for the county commissioners board is that Democrat Commissioner Susan Brager, who is term-limited, on Tuesday announced her support for Republican Tisha
Black in the race for county commission District F.
The support of Susan Brager, who has been a long time dedicated Democrat, regardless of her ulterior motive, to a Republican candidate must mean a lot in a political race where the Democrats have been in control of the board for the last three decades.
Despite all the corruption issues that sent several commissioners to federal prisons, the people of Clark County keep electing Democrats to keep the same sophisticated modus operandi, giving, in all locations, a black eye to the community. Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani was exposed by a fellow county commissioner when she tried to accuse her then-challenger for governor and fellow socialist who chairs the board they both represent, but she didn’t want to speak or answer any questions about her relationship with a local real estate man by the name of   Ron McMenemy who owns several properties in the old Commercial Center that houses escort services, gay clubs and drug paraphernalia stores that are legal in the county; he is also the landlord of a transgender club that is known for prostitution activities.
There are rumors and more than just suspicions that Ron McMenemy and Chris are working together to buy the rest of the properties in Commercial Center through evictions or any other legal maneuvering to later build a better shopping center there, most likely with government money.
Chris is known for not putting her money anywhere since she likes to be remunerated by others, but it is unknown if her present non-government position will help her to maintain her status quo.
The voters in Clark County Commission District E should be aware that voting for Tick Segerblom is the same as voting for Chris Giunchigliani all over again, even if her name is not on the ballot.

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