Heller, Bentley, Tarkanian, and Hardy are our choices for federal candidates

Heller is better candidate

By the Las Vegas Tribune Staff

Dean Heller
                                             THE RACE FOR US SENATE
It is time for what others call endorsements but the Las Vegas Tribune refuses to use that term and call it giving “Our Support” instead. It cannot be called “Our Choices” either, because in some of the races it is not our choice at all, but what legitimately is the best of the choices for the community and for the state of Nevada as a whole.
In the race for US Senate there is no doubt that US Senator Dean Heller is a much better choice for the state of Nevada for many reasons, but to name a few, Senator Heller has the ear of President Donald Trump and that is a plus in national politics.
                                REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS DISTRICT 1

Joyce Bentley

Our support has to go to Joyce Bentley for many reasons; one, the voters are tired of the old political game-players, the voters want none of that same old political experience, but common sense and the desire to do the right thing.
The fact that Joyce Bentley wants to help “Make America Great Again” is an obvious reason why she will work well with President Donald Trump’s administration, and that will help the voters of Congressional District 1 and the state of Nevada.

                                                                REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS DISTRICT 3

Danny Tarkanian

Danny Tarkanian has our support because we believe that the many times he has unsuccessfully run for office has given him a unique experience on how to handle issues and be positive about them; he also has the help and the ear of President Trump, who may be helpful in showing Danny Tarkanian a few ways that he may have not learned through his “on the job experience,” and that is a benefit for the people of Nevada.

                                                                 REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS DISTRICT 4
Cresent Hardy

Our support is for Cresent Hardy, who, as well as his opponent, has served in that District already and has the experience and the knowledge of what is needed to successfully improve District 4 and benefit the citizens of that district. Who better knows his territory than a native of that territory who has already served that district?And that would be none other than Cresent Hardy.



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