“The Mob Returns to Las Vegas with a Mob Story”

By Sandy Zimmerman

In my more than 20 years of reviewing Las Vegas shows, “A Mob Story” is one of the most creative, most artistic production shows I have seen in years! Reminiscent of the Old Las Vegas shows, we experience a more elaborate production as the specially designed stage    sets continually change to highlight the action of their large cast, original story line and modern-style projections!

With clever orchestrations building the music into bold original choreographic numbers, you are brought into the world of the Mob, and follow the true story. Their original dance numbers attract attention with complex movements that haven’t been seen before.

I reviewed Jeff Kutash’s “SPLASH” years ago and was thrilled with his original production! You can’t beat a show Produced and Directed by EMMY & GOLDEN GLOBE award-winning Jeff Kutash. He is truly a living legacy in entertainment with 25 years of producing shows. Kutash was inducted as a choreographer to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.

At the beginning of the show, Executive Producer/Host Michael Franzese boldly announces that he was a former “made member” of the La Cosa Nostra and this is his story of “How the Mob Made Vegas and How Vegas Took down the Mob”.

Marcel Forestieri, the story teller, expertly weaves each segment together into an exciting panorama of the Mob Era with Marilyn Monroe, the Sands, the Stardust Hotel, Cuba, and so much more. “A Mob Story” flows from one exciting moment in crime to another about the “real” mob and their “way of doing business”! 

They even have Joey Spinella, the Singing Godfather, who makes those high notes come alive with his golden voice as he sung Pavarotti’s “Nesson Dolma” which is a scene to remember!  

See “A Mob Story”, Wednesday to Sunday, 7 pm, at the Plaza Hotel, 1 Main Street, downtown Las Vegas. Call: 702-386-2507.   www.amobstorylv.com

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Michael Franzese grew up as the son of the notorious Underboss of New York’s violent and feared Colombo crime family. This story is built around the “mob” era building their empire as they reached their height in Las Vegas.

Marcel Forestieri appeared on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” and has been hosting the second longest running in Las Vegas and #1 Impersonator show in the world, “Legends in Concert”.

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