Welcome to Wedding Capital of the World

Welcome to the wedding capital of the world
Welcome to the wedding capital of the world

Imagine arriving in Las Vegas from Canton, Ohio to get married and when you get out of a shiny limousine in front of a wedding chapel, the first thing you see is a man-made bed under a tree and three homeless people sleeping on one side and two more people sleeping under the next tree, with another man-made bed; what a beautiful background scenery for someone’s wedding day, a day that is supposed to be an eternal memory, especially for those who are marrying for the first (and hopefully only) time in their life.
We owe this bad memory to politicians like City Councilman Bob Coffin of City Ward Three, who is more concerned about bowing to former famous casino owners and gaming lawyers than serving the community that elected him to the position he is now abusing.
Between the homeless degrading the wedding chapels and the business owners who are not able to open their places of business because homeless people are sleeping in front of their doors — and if someone dares to wake them up, they run the risk of being assaulted and
getting hurt — Las Vegas has now become the “Homeless Capital of the World,” unfortunately with the blessing of government officials at all levels.
Coffin has lately gained notoriety over being caught engaging in certain unscrupulous behaviors via city email with the newly pushed-into-the-city-council-board, Steve Siroka, discussing how to damage the reputation of a developer that has sued them in federal court.
In a September 26th editorial, the Las Vegas Tribune wrote “Sometimes people think that if corruption (including lies) shows up in small doses or seems to be just a little bit, or happens just a few times or maybe even only once, that it is acceptable, forgivable, and is no big deal. Yet corruption and trust are exact opposites and should always be treated as such and the meanings of each should never be forgotten or confused.”
Coffin and Siroka have been exposed as crooked and corrupt public officials, and many believe that they should be charged with corruption as was another member of the city council, Ricky Barlow, who was found guilty during an FBI investigation and received a
ridiculous one-month sentence in a federal facility.
The homeless issue is a problem that the city officials do not want to talk about or discuss; it is almost a taboo subject for those elected officials who are more interested in socializing with past and future campaign donors or with financially powerful people who tell them what to do or what to say.
An attorney whose law office is on the so-called “Attorney Road” in downtown Las Vegas told the Las Vegas Tribune that “Bob Coffin is the most arrogant and despicable individual he has ever known” and for a Las Vegas attorney to complain about arrogance, that is saying a lot.
Developer Yohan Lowie stated, in an October 4th exclusive Las Vegas Tribune article, “this is typical of the corruption and disingenuous acts of certain members of the city of Las Vegas who have demonstrated for the past three years, and one of the reasons why I am in
litigation with Councilman Seroka and Bob Coffin for the animus they continue to display.”

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