Police Officer should be commended

By Las Vegas Tribune staff
Everyone is always quick to criticize whatever they don’t agree with or whatever they don’t like, but there is always something, some excuse for not being able or willing to acknowledge a good gesture on the part of a police officer, or some service, or for their doing
their job right, above and beyond their responsibility and their duty.
Las Vegas Tribune has for a long time been at the forefront of fighting the jaywalkers in the community, asking the police to do more about those irresponsible people who have a great disregard for the life of drivers while they cross our streets not only with mindlessness but at a place where they are not supposed to cross.
We have tried to make those people understand that if they want to die that is okay, but the innocent driver who crashes into the jaywalker will have to live with the memory of being responsible for someone’s death that they don’t even know.
Last week we saw a motorcycle officer (Officer Brett) taking the time to stop a pedestrian who was crossing a busy street outside of the crosswalk. The man seemed to be intoxicated and that officer took the time to cross the man the rest of the way and place him in a safe
Las Vegas Tribune was there to witness the incident and contacted the officer to congratulate him, and he very humbly explained that it was an opportunity to maybe save someone’s life.
Every day we see people being killed by drivers for crossing the streets outside of the crossing lane, even women with two and three children, plus one on her back and a cart full of groceries, risking the lives of these kids and teaching the much older one, at least, to
ignore and disrespect the law.
Officer Brett is a shining example of what the Las Vegas Tribune has always said: our police officers are among the best in the country; it is the higher-ups in the administration who are making them look bad.

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