Don’t let communism ever deceive you; stay American

Every election cycle we hear the same old thing, that “this election is very important” or “this is the most important election ever,” and yet those and other similar expressions are still true because every election is very important.
When the American people go out and vote, they are voting for people who are going to guide them for at least the next four, if not eight, years. That can be a very dangerous thing—to vote someone into a position of power, considering that the person elected could betray
the trust of the American people or guide the country in a very different direction, one that the American people may not want.
However, we believe that this election is extremely important because those with progressive ideas and liberal dreams are no longer hiding behind any other name; they are more and more exposing themselves to the ignorant and uneducated masses that are not aware of the dangers of a communist regime.
We here at the Las Vegas Tribune are more than ever maintaining our position as a watchdog and working overtime to make American voters very much aware of the dangerous consequences of electing candidates with communism ideals, creating a shallow government that only benefits them.
People must understand the difference between communism and democracy and why communism will not work in America and will not benefit anyone in the United States of America; the difference is this: democracy is the exploitation of man by man, and communism is the exploitation of man by the state.
American people like baseball, apple pie, and Coca-Cola, but they also like nice things like expensive cars and dressing well, so that leads to their strong desire, in the material realm, of having the security blanket of being financially responsible.
American people like to work and get paid at the end of the week or work period with checks that can be converted into cash; they would not feel happy if, instead of cash, the banks gave them a card to go the grocery store with.
Those who go to the grocery store with a card are usually those who are old, sick or down on their luck and have no other likely alternative; it used to be called the Food Stamp program, but now it is called SNAP, which stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program. But those who work like the look and the smell of the cash they’ve earned and being able to go to a bar and have a few drinks with friends, go shopping for new clothes, and being able to pay the mortgage on the house they have chosen to live in.
American people like to play golf on their day off and like to bet on the ponies; they don’t like, on their day off, to have to go and do military maneuvering — many have already done all that while in the service.
Communism is being controlled at all times and not being free to do whatever one wants to do, being watched and controlled both day and night; communism is, after all, being told what to do at all times.
It is easy for the Pope to come to the nation’s capital and take a stand against the building of the wall while he is surrounded by the biggest wall in the Vatican; it is easy for the Pope to preach and tell other countries what to do or not do while he does the opposite.
All communists want to do is destroy what the American people have and destroy the greatest nation on earth — because they want to control this nation.
Now they don’t even hide anymore; they openly campaign for what their agenda is, and when someone questions their motives they claim their rights to their beliefs and their opinions, the same rights and opinions that they’ll deprive Americans of if the people of this
country allow them to succeed.
Every country has different classes; don’t let the communists tell you that they are going to make everyone equal because that is not true; those who work hard will have more and those who don’t want to work will always have less; the only ones who will always have more in a
communist country are those in the government and no one else, remember that.
Say no to Jackie Rosen, say no to Susie Lee, say no to Steve Sisolak and to all those who are so very well off but keep asking you for your hard-earned money, and keep asking for everything you have until they squeeze you out of every penny.
The American people should—and must—protect their country at any cost and stand firm to protect their families, their freedoms, their flag, and their country.

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