County Licensing looks the other way

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Just a few days before the one-year anniversary of a grand theft at a local business, a man named Ryan Rhodes was found living inside a business establishment that does not belong to him and then went to live at another business address on Sahara Avenue.
Despite the fact that Ryan Rhodes is collecting a welfare check and receiving SNAP (food stamps) he is a partner at Moulin Rouge Storage located at 3640 Swenson Street. Due to his habit of sleeping everywhere or anywhere he can, instead of renting a normal living
place — he was even living in that storage space, which was the reason the Clark County Business License denied their application to legally operate the storage facility.
This would not be news if it was just a business license denial — several business applications are routinely denied — the difference is that the Swenson and Twain location is still open and operating as usual.
Not only are they renting storage but they are also renting U Haul trucks, vans, and a pick-up truck without the proper license and documentation. Most likely Ryan Rhodes is still living in his place of business against all county, health and safety regulations because
that is how he seems to live his life, with disregard for anyone, any rules, and any law. For longer than a year he has been living in Nevada and driving his car with California plates, breaking Nevada laws that specifically state that everyone who moves to Nevada has thirty days to register their car with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.
In his webpage announcing another of his businesses, he claims to earn $15,000.00 a month and has money to invest in a storage facility business, but Rhodes is above the law and does not need a business license, does not need to rent a normal living place, and apparently has bought a shiny Cadillac, all the while stealing from the people of Nevada by fraudulently receiving help from the State Welfare Department and the “Food Stamp” Administration.
All that under the eyes of the Clark County Business License that is too busy to make another trip to that facility and close it down. Does this Ryan Rhodes know someone at the Clark County Business License department? Does he know someone in the Clark County Zoning Department? Does he know someone at the Clark County Fire Department?
How can the customers of the Swenson and Twain Storage facility make sure that the location to which they have entrusted their valuables is
safe and protected?
Even more, is the U-Haul Corporation that operates from another state (Arizona) with several dealers and centers operating in Nevada aware that their pickup trucks, vans, and loading vehicles are operating from a non-licensed storage facility and are most likely uninsured?
There are several questions from as many people as we have spoken to about this storage facility and Ryan Rhodes himself; why is he allowed to operate freely and sometimes even with what seems to be the blessing of the Clark County officials?
Rhodes operates several moving companies in Clark County renting U-Haul trucks that are not allowed to be rerented for a moving business, under different names and has an LLC made out by a Gardnerville, Nevada business named Nevada Management Team LTD, owned by a woman named Julie Jean Bean, which has not been filed nor for which she or anyone else has paid the necessary fees.
Julie Jean Bean is the mother of Thea Bean AKA Cann Bean, AKA Cann Garcia, and many other names, all used to evade the law and justice, and who has done prison time for several charges, including theft and burglary, while pretending to be a good person.
U-Haul does not allow its trucks to be used as moving trucks to operate a moving business without a license and the U-Haul facility at Swenson and Twain is well aware of Ryan Rhodes’ moving business because Rhodes is half owner of the storage facility and the U-Haul rental dealership that is operating at this time illegitimately without a business license.
While living at the business facility that Cann Garcia and her assumed husband, Chris Garcia, were managing (and never owned, as they led people to believe) Rhodes used to sleep in a back room and defecate in a grocery store plastic bag and dispose of it in a dumpster owned by Republic Services.
It is unclear at this time if the Welfare Department is aware of Ryan Rhodes’ activities that could be considered embezzlement and of his fraudulent receiving of SNAP (food stamps), which could be considered (is) theft.

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