Too many “ifs” in the Tarkanian family

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
There are too many “ifs” in the Tarkanian family and their political future; if Danny wins; if Amy runs; if Amy wins. If, if, if! But the last if is if she can fool the people of Las Vegas better than her husband, who has not been able to fool the voters during the many times he has run for office and not won.
In an article that appeared in the Review-Journal a few days ago, Amy Tarkanian, the loyal wife of perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian, told the reporter that she “is weighing a run for City Council in Ward 1 to succeed her mother-in-law, Lois.”
It seems like this lady has been infested with the same arrogance that other members of the Tarkanian family have; she and Danny have lived in Las Vegas since the old man moved them here.
The elder Mrs. Tarkanian is still living with the memory of her late husband and carrying on with the same arrogance that she learned from him. I vividly remember when the junior Tarkanian was introduced to a
lady during a political event that they both attended and he was not even gentleman enough to stand up and shake her hand; he looked at the lady and mumbled something that sounded like “Nice to meet you,” but it cannot be confirmed. Arrogance in the eyes of real women is not one of the best qualities of a man.
Once, when he was scheduled to appear on Face The Tribune radio show during one of the many times he has run for office, he was twenty minutes late, disrespecting the host of the show, and even worse, disrespecting the audience. Being on time is a quality that not too many men in Las Vegas have, especially in the legal community, and that is why many appreciate attorney Ben Childs, who is always on time. (Amy, by the way, was on time for the radio show.)
Yet if Amy has learned “class” from her husband and his family, most people will feel sorry for her. “If I were to run,” Amy said, “she would be in my ear. I would be asking her for advice. I probably wouldn’t vote 100 percent like her, but I’d make sure she is a heavy part of it,” Amy told the newspaper, referring to the other Mrs.
Tarkanian, and I am glad I do not live in whatever Ward her mother-in-law resides over.
Those perennial candidates and political gurus that love to play the community with all their kaka talk are the ones who destroy the political structure of our city and make the option of electing real public servants more difficult.
Amy Tarkanian may be a Republican, but her mother-in-law is a Democrat, and as a Democrat refuses to give up her seat or any other political position that she ever had — just like Harry Reid and Barack Obama, and more locally situated, like Ruben Kihuen, who is still playing “activist” in the daily newspaper after having no other choice but to quit the political career he learned from his teacher, Dario Herrera.
Maybe Amy Tarkanian needs to learn how to play wife and stay behind the scenes supporting her husband’s broken political career and making sure that their children don’t learn their “class” and blatant arrogance from Daddy Dear.
Another Tarkanian in our life is the last thing we all need. Go home, Amy, and grow up to be a nice little wife to an Armenian man with no class and lots of bad luck in politics. Have a sunny day!

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