Election Day is still best, as is this free country

We at Las Vegas Tribune don’t believe in early voting because it is our opinion that early voting was created by Democrats to be able to “play” with the election results; but early voting is now part of our election process and all we can do is suggest to our readers and the American voters NOT to vote early. We should be grateful that we still
have the opportunity of assuming that we are free to vote so we need to use that opportunity and do our best to elect candidates that can be, and can do, good to all of us using the privilege that other countries do not have, such as, for better or for worse, our election system.
We believe that the voters in Nevada should ignore the October 20th date of early voting and wait for the regular voting day on November 6th because as an American taking time to vote, it should not only be a privilege but a duty as important as serving on a jury.
We urge the voters, specially in Nevada, to educate themselves and learn about the candidates, especially those who waste ink and airtime in lying and attacking their challengers instead of telling the voters what they intend to do to better our community.
Don’t vote just because the candidate lives next door to you; don’t vote for someone just because the candidate was able to remember your name, perhaps because a campaign assistant got paid to do just that, remembering your name, and maybe even the name of your newborn, which is very touchy for a parent.
Don’t vote for someone just because you went to school with this candidate or that one, because people change from high school when they become politicians and money is a very attractive lure that is hard to refuse, especially when you come from nothing or nowhere.
Maybe being part of the editorial writing team for the Las Vegas Tribune qualifies us to be somewhat political, or even somewhat cynical, yet never two-faced like the RINO Governor of our Silver State.
Your (not our) Governor Bryan Sandoval almost destroyed the political career of Senator Dean Heller when following orders from his master, former Majority Leader Harry Reid, when he ordered Heller not to attend the Republican convention in Ohio and today Gov. Sandoval is endorsing his puppet, Dean Heller.
Governor Sandoval has the audacity of talking about moral issues as if no one knows that he had an affair with his current wife before divorcing the mother of his children, but no one speaks of that.
Now Sandoval is betraying the party that he claims to be his party, and stands, instead, faithful to his master Senator Harry Reid, endorsing a man like Steve Sisolak with a communist mind and ideas that can turn the great state of Nevada into another California, not going so far as to compare Nevada to Cuba or Venezuela.
Do we believe that Danny Tarkanian and Dean Heller are the best candidates from which to choose? Definitely not, but in this election we do believe that with the right direction and advice (if, we pray, they will ever listen to advice) they are the best choices for Nevada and we bite our lips and swallow our pride and more or less support both of these men and urge the people of Nevada to vote for them to assure their victory in this November election for the benefit and prosperity of our state.
People who have never been, in one way or another, connected to a communist regime government; people who have never lived in or visited a communist country, cannot understand how terrible a communist
government is.
All those rapper superstars, sports idols and sports figures making the millions that they would never have made supporting and waiving the flags of communist regimes, believe they would still be able to live the same lavish lifestyle they live here now, under communism, but they cannot imagine how wrong they are going to be.
We would like to see all those superstars part of a line waiting to get a pound of rice for the whole month and being told to wait for next time around to get a roll of toilet paper, or a tube of toothpaste.
If they think that they will be able to drive their Ferrari, their Porsche or their Bentley on the streets of Havana or by the Plaza Bolivar in Caracas, they have a surprise coming because the government will confiscate those fancy automobiles in a flash because some higher government official would take it.
We urge everyone who believes that a communist style government is good for our nation to go to a socialist country and see if they can last even six months.
Learn to appreciate what we have, folks, and learn to appreciate our county.

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