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Las Vegas City Council is inaccessible

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
It is a shame that only a few weeks from the midterm election we have to waste time in writing about the lousy service the Las Vegas City Hall offers to its citizens and anyone else who visits the best city of them all and realizes that City Hall is either too cheap to pay its employees a decent salary to answer its telephones, or too arrogant to give the callers the respect they deserve to have live employees answering the telephones at least eight hours a day for the four days a week they offer services to their constituents.
It is a fact that people are inhumanely disconnected from society and that nowadays it is a matter of texting or tweeting; not even the bill collectors call their debtors anymore — they use a recording device, giving the name of their company and asking the party to call back, as if people who owe money are going to call their bill collectors back.
Now a wealthy government institution that we call City Hall, which has millions to loan and to invest in frivolous enterprises, is also using the modern system of answering with a recorded message asking the person to leave a name and number and telling them that “someone will get back to you” (as if everyone who calls City Hall knows what department they are calling or who they will need to speak with).
Previously we wrote about this when Las Vegas Tribune had to call City Councilman Stavros Anthony, who is a busy public official and has a schedule of his own, and asked him to give out the telephone number for the office of the Ward One Councilwoman—since if a person does not have the cell phone number of someone inside City Hall, one no longer is able to communicate with city officials during lunch time.
Calling Code Enforcement is another nightmare because even if you know the telephone number of Code Enforcement, the city employees working within the Code Enforcement boundaries do not answer the telephones; last Monday it took forty-five minutes and twenty seconds for a lady by the name of Jennifer to answer the telephone, and when we tried to tell her the length of time we spent on the telephone before she answered, she simply responded, “Never mind that; how can I help you?” with an arrogant attitude.
That type of arrogance and lack of respect for the voters in the city of Las Vegas is what is making the citizens tired of all those politicians who, after getting elected, act like their pooh-pooh does not stink and walk around like they are better than those who elected them to sit on that Board and allow them to feel important in the first place.
They get offended and insulted when someone asks questions they do not want to answer or they do not know how to answer, but they do not want to admit it publicly.
At least two of these city council people,Lois Tarkanian  and Bob Coffin, are in their last term and are not eligible for re-election, but that does not mean that they are going away; remember that those politicians are experts at playing musical chairs so we will no doubt hear their names come up in another race, regardless of their ages, because these people don’t know how to sign checks on the front, only on the back, because they have been government-maintained all their life.

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