Sex scandals, lies, and other “games” politicians play

The sexual harassment issue is becoming an obstacle in many people’s life to the point that no one wants to be promoted or hired for a new job where they have to be scrutinized, even if the sexual harassment issue is mainly a mental problem for Democrats, it can also be an anti-Trump group problem.
Historically, the Democrats are the ones with the problem when they cannot keep their pants on and when they want to interrupt the process when they find someone that could be used as a guinea pig to make someone’s life miserable.
John F. Kennedy was elected president because he was not scrutinized as candidates are scrutinized nowadays, but during his days in the White House there are many stories that made the Kennedy brothers very popular and the topic of some juicy stories.
Gary Warren Hart was a politician, diplomat, and lawyer. He is perhaps best known for being the front-runner for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination until he dropped out over allegations of an extramarital affair with Donna Rice. He represented Colorado in the United States Senate from 1975 to 1987.
And then we have Bill Clinton, who since his days as Governor his name has became synonymous with perversion, as a sexual icon and abuser, and it made us wonder how he could have been elected President of this great nation since he became a symbol of corruption and a poster child for that of sex maniacs.
We hope that the citizens of this country are able to see the reality and not allow the socialists to take this land and make it into a communist playground because they have no idea how terrible communism is and how difficult it is to get rid of it once it takes control of a country.
It is well known that this is a new era, but those who are living now must understand that those who were born and raised in the era of the past were living with a different mentality.
In the old days, in many circles, it was okay for a man to have a mistress because it was a symbol of power, success and wealth; and it was okay for a man to be upfront when complimenting a female employee when the female employee was in agreement with the employer being upfront with her.
We are not saying that it was okay with everyone, but it was the norm and the reality of life, and it was not only acceptable but expected — and using a 30 or 40 year-old incident to destroy the future and the success of a man may not be the right thing to do, particularly if the accusations are not real, but only an effort to get a candidate out of the way or to hurt the reputation of someone.
The new generation of executives are very much aware that the days of their grandfathers or their fathers are gone in today’s reality and they are very careful to keep the rules, but still there are a few exceptions, especially in the culinary industry, until they are promoted and become a higher-up in the corporate world.
Today an executive cannot make a genteel gesture to a female employee by sending her flowers on her birthday or on Secretary’s Day because it can be taken wrong. Today a male boss cannot compliment his female employee because tomorrow she may use that weakness as a tool to get even with him if she gets fired for any reason.
We hope that the American voters are sophisticated and smart enough to understand that and when someone uses a sexual harassment trick to destroy someone’s career and someone’s future, they stop it and don’t allow anyone to use them to harm anyone else with their insinuations and accusations that happened two, three, or even four decades ago.
We believe that women nowadays are way too smart; in fact we believe that on more occasions than not women are more efficient, more practical and more productive than their male counterparts, and only when they let their guard down are they used by some manipulative man who uses them to help them commit an evil act that they cannot do
without their help.
We believe that the American people need to wake up and smell the coffee; they need to see the reality of our future if they allow evil enemies of this country to destroy the future of their land, the land of the free.
We believe that Brett Kavanaugh in the United States Supreme Court will be an asset to the democracy and the freedom of this nation and that is why the enemies of the United States of America are doing their best to avoid seeing Brett Kavanaugh sitting where he belongs, in the United States Supreme Court.

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