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Susie Lee’s Unanswered Questions

By Kenneth A. Wegner
Las Vegas Tribune

Susie didn’t bother to show up for her interview appointment with the Review-Journal either, so it seems like being a‘no show’ is pretty typical for her.

Why won’t Susie Lee, the Democrat candidate for Congress, answer these questions? The voters in Nevada CD 3 have a right to know.
In the course of my investigation for a series of articles about the upcoming CD-3 race, I contacted Susie Lee’s campaign repeatedly, via telephone, email and U.S. Mail asking for an opportunity to interview her for this story. I received absolutely NO response. But that really didn’t surprise me. Susie didn’t bother to show up for her interview appointment with the Review-Journal either, so it seems like being a ‘no show’ is pretty typical for her. Here are the questions we’d like to know Susie’s answers to:
1) Why didn’t you pay some of your ‘undocumented’ workers for the work they completed on your home? Was there a problem with their work?
2) What happened at M.A.S.H. Village? Where did all that money go and how much of that ‘non-profit’ money was spent on your lavish fundraising parties and travel expenses?
3) There are allegations of drug and alcohol abuse. Was there court-ordered rehab? What event led up to that
4) Some of the negative items from your attack ads could very easily be applied to you. For example, why are so many of your tax and utility payments delinquent?
Here’s what my investigation has uncovered at this point: Susie Lee claims to be ‘in touch’ with Nevadans. Her campaign tries to portray her as a protector of the average, middle-class masses, who will fly off to Washington, DC and stand up for all the ‘little guys’ back home, while the campaign continues to use unfounded and, in most cases, proven falsehoods in an attempt to taint her opponent, Danny Tarkanian.
My investigation has shown me what kind of person Susie Lee actually is — and it’s NOT a middle-class hero[ine]. She’s an elite, rich, power-hungry liberal Democrat who has plenty of baggage that she hopes no one will discover or remember. Here are just a few tidbits: Why didn’t you pay some of your workers?
Susie Lee and her husband own SEVENTEEN homes and employ numerous people to take care of those homes. Let’s talk about just two of those workers.
These two are ‘undocumented workers’ and Susie refused to pay them after they worked on one of her homes. These workers helped complete a remodeling job and never got paid. They’re ‘undocumented’ — or ‘illegal,’ depending on how you view them — and Susie should have been aware of that fact. They completed the remodeling work they were asked
to do and then were not paid. Because of their immigration status, they’re afraid to do anything about this. Susie, if you are such a big supporter of unions, why did you hire non-union workers to remodel your house and then refuse to pay them?
What happened at M.A.S.H. Village? Your failed ‘directing’ cost taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars.
Susie claims to be a philanthropist who has ‘successfully’ run several non-profits. My investigation has shown me that her claim is not the truth.
Susie’s BIO says she opened and was the founding Executive Director of a homeless shelter for women, families and single parents — the Mobilized Assistance and Shelter for the Homeless (M.A.S.H.) Crisis Intervention Unit. That shelter opened in 1995 and failed dramatically in 2002, costing taxpayers millions of dollars.
The City of Las Vegas had already invested $5 million in the project when an agreement was signed with Susie’s group to operate the Las Vegas Village in 1995. Then the City of Las Vegas invested at least another $2.91 million in operational expenses, which Susie and her fellow Directors BURNED through before the shelter, bankrupted by Susie’s ‘leadership,’ closed in 2002 due to ‘lack of funds.’
How much of that $2.91 million did you bill M.A.S.H. for those lavish fundraising parties and your travel reimbursement, Susie?
The M.A.S.H. Village’s “failure to make a dent in local homelessness” cost taxpayers “millions of tax dollars” due to a “weak board of directors.” That Board of Directors included and was led by its founding Executive Director, Susie Lee. Is there a problem with drug and alcohol abuse?
Two sources have told me that Susie attended a court-ordered drug and alcohol rehab. Was there a court-ordered rehab and was that record sealed? Was it a result of driving under the influence of alcohol, or drugs, or both? Was anyone hurt? Were you treated like a typical drug or alcohol abuser or someone influential? The voters in your district deserve to know.
Why can’t Susie and her husband pay their bills on time? Susie’s campaign ads make a claim that her opponent didn’t pay the property taxes on his investment properties. They make it sound like he can’t be trusted. But here’s the truth: Susie Lee and her husband have been delinquent on NINETEEN different tax payments on various properties since 2008, and were charged a total of $2,328.13 in penalties and interest for those delinquent payments. And, since 2006, SEVEN liens have been filed on Lee and her husband’s properties due to
unpaid sewer and waste collection fees.
Seventeen homes, expensive boarding schools, a bankrupted non-profit, a private plane and they still can’t pay their bills on time! I don’t really think that this qualifies you to handle the nation’s checkbook, Susie.
Who’s the real political loser in the CD-3 race? Let’s take a quick look at recent election history. Remember the 2016 Democratic primary election for NV CD-4 — the one where Susie spent $655,000 that she had ‘lent’ her campaign and then came in THIRD in a three-way race with only 20.94 percent of the Democrat vote? That’s LAST PLACE in the primary. The big loser.
That’s the same year that Danny Tarkanian won his Primary Election handily and then almost beat Democrat Jackie Rosen in the General Election, losing by just over one percent of the vote in a predominantly Democrat district.
Why does Susie have such radical views when it comes to abortion? This to me was very disturbing. I was shown a videotape of Susie, pandering to her liberal, left-leaning Democrat base, explaining that she supports a woman’s ‘right’ to ‘abortion on demand’ at any time during the pregnancy, even up to full-term. She called it ‘a woman’s right.’ Even up to FULL TERM? That’s pretty radical, Susie. Is being a bully just a way of life for you, Susie?
In the course of my investigation, many sources were afraid to talk because of the bullying tactics employed by you, Susie, and your husband. We had several additional questions that the voters would like us to ask, but many of them had only one source, so we chose not to use them in this article.
Many of those we contacted were afraid to talk — even off the record. Why? Are they — as we’ve been told by several sources — threatened with lawsuits that they can’t afford to defend?
In conclusion: This article may seem one-sided, but each item was corroborated and verified by at least two individuals. I had hoped that the voters in CD-3 would be able to hear Susie’s side of the story. Because she chose not to meet with me and answer these questions or provide explanations, I had no choice but to write the article with the information I could get from my own sources.

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