Thanks to Tick Segerblom, a family has lost their eight-year-old son

Senator Richard S. Segerblom, AKA Tick Segerblom,

By  Rolando Larraz

Senator Richard S. Segerblom, AKA Tick Segerblom

Before I get into this week’s Point of View, I have to point out as way of disclaimer that I do not drink alcoholic beverages and I do not smoke pot, marijuana, cannabis or whatever other name it is known by; I don’t criticize anyone who does, but I have never liked either one of those substances, and anyone who has known me for a long time may be able to testify to the truth of that it if they read this column.I am glad to see that drinking and driving is no longer a serious problem in our city; the police work has been cut down immensely as people no longer drink and drive.
The problem is that thanks to the political efforts of Nevada State Senator Richard S. Segerblom, AKA Tick Segerblom, now the police have, in my point of view, a most serious dilemma which is people driving under the influence of pot, marijuana, cannabis and such because it is now legal and I assume more difficult to detect, and therefore more people are abusing the stuff.
The pot, marijuana, or cannabis dispensaries, I have been told, are in the same category as brothels or houses of “ill repute”; they are not allowed to advertise in local newspapers or radio stations, but I can see that the owners and operators of these dispensaries have been able to bypass the rules and regulations as well as the law and have spent their money on big billboards making fun of the law and the courts.
Just last week I mentioned that in both the south and north corners of Desert Inn Road and Valley View Boulevard are two big billboards advertising the location of a dispensary located a few blocks from that busy intersection and I am not pinpointing the location because I don’t see the need to promote something I do not agree with.
It has always been my contention that there is too much accessibility to drugs in the schools and everywhere else, and it does not need to be over publicized, so if I disappoint Tick, it’s too damned bad.
I saw Tick on TV the other day and I can tell that if pot, marijuana, or cannabis is going to make me look as he looks, I am better off without it; in my humble opinion, Tick is seventy years old but looks like he has spent the night smoking that stuff, or he has aged several years lately, even if he wants to appear to be younger with messy long hair and a three or four days beard.
Thanks to Tick, a family has lost their eight-year-old son when an irresponsible young woman decided to smoke that stuff and drive to work with excessive speed early in the morning when children are walking to school.
I believe that many people are acting with marijuana like kids the day after Christmas with new toys; they erroneously may assume that thanks
to Nevada State Senator Richard S. Segerblom, AKA Tick Segerblom, marijuana, both medical and recreational, is now legal and they can stuff it in their mouths, pipes, or bongs, or roll it up and just smoke it, and go out and kill innocent people.
A new study finds an increase in accident insurance claims in three states that have approved the sale of marijuana for recreational use.
According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, the number of vehicle collisions reported to insurance companies in Colorado, Oregon and
Washington is three percent higher than what would have been expected if those states had not made it legal to buy pot.
What some people might not know is that even if marijuana, both medical and recreational, is now legal in our city via State law,
driving under the influence of the drug (yes, cannabis is still a drug according to federal laws) is still illegal in the USA, and
fortunately or unfortunately, the federal laws are the laws that bypass any other law in this nation.
I feel for the law enforcement officers because now they have another problem on their hands and it may even be a more difficult one because
it may be more difficult to spot the DUPE (driving under the pot effect) than the DUI.
I personally do not understand why people cannot be happy with being able to legally smoke pot in the privacy of their own home and keep it
from being a risk to others when driving under the influence.
Before, it was illegal to possess pot, marijuana, or cannabis, but now it is available within our state to smoke when those individuals want to smoke it and drive, and possibly ruin the lives of those who come in contact with them under its influence.
People are never happy with what they have or what they may have acquired in life and instead of being grateful they want more and more.
I hope that they all come to their senses and stop getting high and driving; they’ll be better off buying the ice cream and all the munchies they are going to need later, getting a good movie and smoking all they want inside their home — and staying home — so they don’t ruin anyone else’s life and their own by living with the remorse that they have cut someone’s life short due to their careless pot-smoking stupidity.
And there are some people that want to make Tick our next County Commissioner? I hope not; I hope they open their eyes and keep Tick as our FORMER state senator.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column. Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column
appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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