My life is full of surprises; I no longer like surprises

By Perly Viasmensky

I have been reading all kinds of opinions about the anonymous Op-Ed published in the New York Times over and over again, and I am wondering why everyone is giving so much importance to someone who doesn’t have the manhood or the ovaries (regardless of whether or not my editor disagrees with my opinion) to identify him- or herself. In my opinion, that person is nothing but a coward. If I am not mistaken nothing much has ever been written about cowards in the history of this country, if at all.

I am not going to comment further on that person, or hope to add any dignity to myself by writing even one more sentence about that mystery writer.
* * * * *
Another surprising thing is that the UN Committee for the Racial Discrimination (CERD) asked the Cuban government for guarantees for Cuban Afro descendents. They sent a document against racial discrimination and in favor of the human rights for the Afro descendents. I cannot believe that the United Nations is now coming out with a demand of some kind against discrimination when it was always known that on the Island of Cuba there were members of all the races — white, black, Asian, and anything else that comes after it.
And at this point we are wondering if the white race has been abolished on the island of Cuba, because all news, pictures, and documentaries show nothing but black people.
After the Cuban government started sending men to fight (for whatever reason) in Angola, there was a tremendous amount of newborns getting back to the island.
In Cuba there were always whites, blacks, and Orientals. All of a sudden the United Nations want to start calling the black Cubans, “Afro descent.” They were all always very happy to identify themselves as blacks, and now the United Nations wants to start putting ideas in their heads?
Besides, there is no such thing as discrimination; if people look at that picture there is not even one white head in that picture to discriminate against—meaning the island now belong to the supposed group viewing themselves of “Afro descent.”
Enough is enough on the issue of racism.
* * * * *
It’s claimed by authorities that our city is no longer the center of crimes, but a couple of young children have been found dead and no other but their own mothers are suspected of the crimes.
Being a mother actually has very little to do with giving birth to a child. Being a mother is the most difficult job there is. Motherhood is emotional and it labels you as a Mom. If the man in your present life is more important to you than your own child, you don’t even deserve to be called a woman. If you allow that man in your life to punish your child you don’t even deserve to be called a mother; and if you allow that man to demand you get rid of your child — up to and including killing your precious child—you don’t even deserve to be called human.
Two beautiful children were found dead recently because of the negligence of their mothers.
* * * * *
A young life was cut short because an impaired driver decided to drive her car early in the morning and speed through an intersection because she was late for work. What kind of workplace is it that allows that 25-year-old woman who killed Levi Echenique to come to work drunk or high? We never learned where she worked. I believe the public is entitled to know where this woman works.
* * * * *
To complete the nonsense of our city and comments from our authorities that crime has been reduced to a minimum, what about the number of homicides/suicides around the city; and most of all, and most
degrading, school teachers accused of sexually abusing our children?
Honestly, I don’t need any more surprises!
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas

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