Creating the news or serving our community

It is very refreshing to see how the local news corps consistently follows some news items and even puts some emphasis on old stories to get to the bottom of the news story, but it is our opinion that sometimes the “cold cases” should stay cold for a while longer in the name of justice.
We understand that being the so-called “main source” or the “news leader” gives them the right to some kind of ego, but that ego should not be stoked at the expense of serving the community; that ego should not be an instrument used to jeopardize the lives of those who are victims of corrupt individuals and public officials.
For the last two weeks Las Vegas Tribune has been exposing the evil and inhumane selfish behavior of the administration of St. Rose De Lima Dominican Hospital and the Clark County Public Guardian and has suggested that the family of Stephen Sakac should contact other media outlets to give the story the utmost exposure possible.
In Clark County the name of Clark County Public Guardian is synonymous with abuse, illegal behavior, tragedy, and bad news all around. For years citizens who have had the misfortune of dealing with the Clark County Public Guardian have come away with a sour taste in their mouths and ugly memories of their encounter.
In his August 14th court appearance Judge Porter temporarily removed Steve Sakac as his son’s guardian, but made it very clear to both St. Rose De Lima Hospital and the Clark County Public Guardian that they cannot deny Sakac visits to his son in the hospital and reminded all parties that the transfer of guardianship is only temporary.
But both institutions displayed an arrogance that only they could display — by ignoring Judge William Potter’s order — separating father and son by moving the ill son to another room in the hospital and not telling the father where his son was, as a way to torture him and to show that the judge’s order meant nothing to them because they, St. Rose De Lima Dominican Hospital and the Clark County Public Guardian, are powerful and untouchable.
The senior Sakac has tried, unsuccessfully, to contact George Knapp, Steve Sebelius, Tricia Kean, Darcy Spears, Patrick Walker, Vanessa Murphy and others in the mainstream media and has been blocked by security guards or receptionists at the front door of their working places, who have then suggested he write letters instead, or email them “in case they might be interested in the story”; but security guards and receptionists don’t realize that sometimes stories are time-sensitive and they should allow the newscaster or the reporter to make their own decisions as the “experts” they think they are.
These big shots of the local news media should not be concerned with the idea that the “little unknown weekly newspaper” has printed the story first; after all, according to an assistant campaign manager to many real campaign managers “no one reads the Tribune” unless she (the assistant campaign manager) is the one writing letters commenting on several of the articles that appear in the newspaper every week.
Once a high-ranking official in the Regional Justice Center commented that many times the daily newspaper follows stories that appeared first in the Las Vegas Tribune, but neglected to give the appropriate credit.
We believe that those big shots and not-too-well-paid members of the local news should come down from the pedestals they have created for themselves and take a look at the Stephen Sakac story — a story about a man and his severely incapacitated son, who have both been abused and victimized by a money hungry institution that has built a record for itself in years past on lies, abuse, corruption, and a law-breaking arrogant kind of irresponsibility — along with a hospital that claims to be a Catholic with “dignity” health institution.
It is time to show a community effort to gather on the side of what is right and defend the people of our community without looking at who is leading and who is more well known or famous than the other.
We have mentioned many of those names above, and believe it or not, no one knew any of those “famous names” of our news organizations except the same judges, elected officials and some city, county or state employees because they heard the names when they called for statements or comments or to ask for favors when they got arrested on DUI charges.
We hope that no one else gets hurt, that no local family is abused due to the ego of some news institutions, and we look forward to seeing more unity among news gathering institutions — without jealousy and distrust — for the betterment of all of those who live among us.
We may create our own namesake, but we all should have one thing in mind: serving our community.

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