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Use common sense; think of the safety of the students first!

The school scanners can be bought by using the same room tax as for the stadium.

It is no secret that the safety in Clark County Schools as well as in the rest of the nation is in jeopardy every day, and as always the government  officials take too much time “thinking” about how to solve the safety issues in the schools where the youth of our communities attend and spend a great part of their schooldays.
It’s a fact that everything elected and government officials do is done through holding meetings, choosing committees, and creating advisory groups to “do things,” and still so little gets done—but they can blame the members at the meetings, the members of the committees and the advisory boards and make up any number of other excuses forthat.
The children’s safety at the schools does not have time for any of those excuses; there should not be any reason to wait until a tragedy occurs in any of the local schools to start “working” on a solution.
One obvious solution is to realize that the nation is experiencing a very different kind of living; it is a different world that unfortunately is extremely violent and macabre and there is no reason why our youth should have to be exposed to all that.
Schools are still being built by old fashioned designers, such as when the schools were safe and respected by everyone, and violence was never on the premises — but that is no longer the case.
School administration does not need meetings, committees, advisory groups or anything else of that nature for adapting the schools to using only one entrance where they can better monitor everyone’s coming in and going out.
If the city hall can afford to install scanners to protect the elected officials, if the courts can afford scanners to protect the judges and their staff, and if the IRS can afford scanners to protect their employees, why not use scanners to protect the children in the community?
The “it costs too much” excuse is not good enough; the “there are too many schools in Clark County” is no excuse to not protect the safety of the students. It is time to stop finding excuses for not doing the jobs they are supposed to do.
The government is able to find funds whenever they want to do something that the elected officials want to do, need it or not; the elected officials force the community to support a private enterprise — like the stadium — at taxpayers expense; the government “decides” to move the municipal court out of the Regional Justice Center to give the Molansky family another excuse to make a few million more.
The excuse is that the extra room tax is only for the tourists, but they know very well that that is not true; many locals live in weekly rentals and they are affected by the room tax.
When the Regional Justice Center was half finished — in a laughable way, with no handicap ramp, not enough elevators, few emergency exits
and many other ridiculous mistakes that happened because of giving the contract to “a friend of someone” just because of bidding the best price — they accommodated the public to it as a convenience, one building for all the courts.
Of course the government cannot do everything “convenient” for the public, and Family Court was left out of the building with only three family court judges in the Regional Justice Center and the rest of Family Court miles away.
Now, a decade later, the city decides that they want their own courthouse building and are planning the construction of their own courthouse building by a nonnegotiable agreement with none other than… you guessed it— the Molansky family, with ties to city hall officials.
So now while the Molansky family makes several trips to their bank at the taxpayers’ expense, the same taxpayers that have to attend to the courts and make the mistake of going to the wrong building after taking off their shoes, their belts, and anything else they may be required to remove at the front door scanner will have to get dressed again, walk to another building a few blocks away, and go through the same inconvenience all over again, most likely even paying an extra twenty dollars for an overtime parking meter.
The school scanners can be bought by using the same room tax as for the stadium, or in the same way as the municipal court that most likely will be at someone else’s expense beside that of the city. It (the scanners installation) can come out of the Clark County School District’s budget and other groups’ budgets.
Or perhaps the Nevada legislature can ignore the gaming industry’s wishes and commands and start working on a lottery, like many other
states do, to use the money for the school scanners.
That is the reason why the government does not like the Las Vegas Tribune — because we tell what we believe needs to be said, whatever
that may be, whatever the reasons for saying it may be; the excuses need to stop and putting the safety of the students first has to be the priority.

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