Saint Rose De Lima, Public Guardian join forces to destroy another family

Steve and David visiting with Tony. David donated a van for Tony with handicap ramp.
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Steve and David visiting with Tony. David donated a van for Tony with handicap ramp.

While the state authorities fight to keep Dossier alive against the court order that sentenced him to death, the Saint Rose De Lima Hospital staff as well as the Clark County Public Guardian are working effortless to not only separate father and son, but perhaps to cause the death of a patient in the hospital, for what many could assume, is to take the organs of an otherwise healthy patient.
In a front-page article last week, the Las Vegas Tribune exposed the criminal behavior of Saint Rose De Lima Hospital and the Clark County Public Guardian before and after the ruling of family court Judge William Porter during the August 14 court appearance.
In Clark County the name of Clark County Public Guardian is synonymous with abuse, illegal behavior, tragedy, and bad news all around; for
years citizens that have had the misfortune of dealing with the Clark County Public Guardian have a sour taste in their mouths and ugly memories of their encounter.
In the August 14 court appearance Judge Porter removed temporarily Steve Sakac as his son’s guardian, but made it very clear to both, the Saint Rose De Lima Hospital and the Clark County Public Guardian that they cannot deny Sakac visits to his son in the hospital and reminded all parties that the transfer of guardianship is only temporary.
Of course, the court ruling means nothing to both Saint Rose De Lima Hospital and the Clark County Public Guardian; yes, they did allow Steve to visit his son Tony, but he cannot hug or kiss him when he arrives or when he leaves; there are two nurses at the front door of Tony’s room making sure that his father has no physical contact with him.
Tony’s case is very different from other cases because his father, Stephen Sakac, has no money, but for the last thirty years has managed to care for his handicapped son until they arrived at the Saint Rose De Lima Hospital where Tony has been for the last two months; the hospital has joined with the Clark County Public Guardian to do what the Public Guardian does best, taking older people or patients away from their loved ones to “administer” their money and possessions until they are left broke or die.
Steve has tried to contact Channel 8 News and Channel 13 but neither news outlet has given Stephen Sakac the opportunity to present his case despite their claims that “we are here for the community.” Stephen has the means with the help of his church and friends to keep Tony in a very stable, secure and healthy condition; they have a nice apartment, a handicapped van that was donated by David Vogue, along with the assistance of their church members.
This family needs the support of the community and the help of other media entities that are aware of the history and the satanic behavior of Clark County Public Guardian, but it seems like the news organization picks and chooses their stories.
“Father and son are inseparable and one without the other will never work; one of them or both will die,” a member of their church — who chooses to remain anonymous — told the Las Vegas Tribune.
The August 14 court date was a faithful example of the support that the Sakacs have in the church and the community, and several friends were present to show solidarity to Steve at that time.
Las Vegas Tribune is not a fan of asking for donations, but knowing how hard and how difficult it is to fight the Clark County Public Guardian, the newspaper has made an exception to help Steve and his son Tony.
Steve Sakac has opened a bank account for those who would like to contribute to the care of his son, and these who would like to donate to Tony’s cause can contact Steve directly at (703) 267-2626 or can go to his Bank of America account with the routing number 051000017 and the account number 4350-1850-9663 to donate.
Steve can also be reached via email at and anyone that wants to know more about this sad story can go to

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