We, the People, do not have the guns, the badges, the bulletproof walls, the marshals…

By  Rolando Larraz
Calling a government office is one of the most irritating tasks one can do nowadays—mostly because they never know anything—they’ve been working in that job for as many years as they have and yet they have to ask someone else before they can give an answer to anything; probably if you ask that government employee what time it is or what
day of the week it is, they would tell you that they have to check or “consult” with someone else.
But it is not the government employees only; has anyone tried to talk to one of those call centers for telephone companies, cable companies, or Internet providers? First, it is a miracle to be able to connect to a call center in the United States; and then, if one is lucky enough to understand their English, they think they are doing the caller a
favor by answering the call, forgetting that they are lucky enough to be able to steal the job from American workers. I always remind them that the unemployment line is still long in America.
They are in the Philippines, Mexico, India, the Dominican Republic, and everywhere but the U.S., and who knows where else. I refuse to speak to them, hang up and redial as many times as I have to until I get a call center in the United States.
Sometimes, if I have the time and am in the mood, I take the time to explain to the operator that we are both lucky we have a job, but the unemployment line in this country is still very long and their jobs are exported because the company wants to save money by paying peanuts in those countries instead of paying a half decent salary to people in this country.
Going back to the government employees though, what is funny is when you ask them for their name and they said that for “security reasons” they cannot give out that information.
Lady, you are in the nation’s capital about 3,000 miles away from my city. What on earth can I do to you over the telephone at such a distance? But that is not as funny as when you talk to a police officer behind a glass wall and they tell you that “for security reasons” they cannot give out their name. Officer, you have a uniform, a badge, and a gun, and are protected by a bulletproof glass wall.
What on earth can I do to you that you can’t prevent? These are the same people that I see going into the courthouse brandishing their badge and their guns and walking like “Hopalong Cassidy.” (If you don’t know that name, look it up!)
The other day at the courthouse I saw a skinny young lady in plain clothes. I don’t know if she was a parole and probation officer, a detective, or a city marshal, but she had so many gadgets hanging on her waist, from a gun to a taser gun, to handcuffs and pepper spray, that I wondered how she can even walk; she did not look like she could
scare anyone, but she did look ridiculous.
And I cannot ignore the most antagonistic figure in the city of Las Vegas (to me), Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, who had the audacity to call me a racist before calling the dogs (city marshals) on me to throw me out of the city council meeting while she was playing Mayor for a Day.
Tarkanian is calling for a special use permit public hearing “for possible action on an appeal of the denial by planning commission on a request for a Special Use Permit for a proposed short term residential rental use.
The notice came in the mail with the name of the resident, the home address and request to support or oppose and offering the councilwoman a phone number that no one ever answers.
It’s funny that public officials hide inside a building that marshals don’t allow anyone to enter; and if one does enter, there are two locked doors that prohibit the entrance to the very people that placed those public officials in their office in the first place.
Who is to say that the person who is asking for the zoning approval will not take vengeance on the people who oppose this Short Rental Residential Rental Use? They have the address, the name and all the information they need to retaliate against those who oppose their request.
We, the People, do not have the guns, the badges, the bulletproof glass walls, or the marshals to protect us or throw us out of city hall when the Mayor for a Day doesn’t want to hear the truth.
The people of this city need to be treated equally—or better—than those they elect to sit on that throne looking down at the public as though their poop does not stink. It does, and enough is enough.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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