I still speak with an accent as a reminder that I was not born in this country

By  Rolando Larraz
I have never been so proud of our newspaper as I am today after reading Michael Aun’s column. This morning I had a telephone call from Donald H. Snook asking me if I have read Michael’s column for this week. And that’s when I read it.
Normally when Don gives me a call it’s when something is wrong, or appears to be wrong, but this time it was the opposite. Michael Aun’s column was, or is, a very good column, and I suggested to Don that every true American should read his column this week.
I am doubly pleased because what Michael wrote in his column this week is not only the sentiments of many Americans, but also because his column refers to issues that I have written about many times before,
although maybe not as eloquently as he has written in this week’s column (See Michael Aun’s column on page 23 in this edition).
“Today, the Democrats are a party of resistance, not out of conscience but because they choose to consciously oppose everything. This despite the damage it does to the legal and illegal aliens they pretend to be defending. I just don’t get it, which is perhaps one more reason why I got my clock cleaned when I ran for political office in 1980 as a Democrat,” wrote Michael Aun in this week’s column, which I suggest everyone, Americans in general, should read.
I wish my English language could be as good as his, but it is not and that is why I was so pleased with Michael’s column this week, because I have said that many times, and regardless of how many times I write it I could not make it sound as good as he has done.
“I don’t believe there is an immigration problem to be fixed; all the administration (this administration, the past administration or any future administration) needs to do is ENFORCE the existing immigration laws.
“Shame on all of us… the politicians for doing it and us for allowing them to get away with demagoguery. In my book, ‘It’s the Customer, Stupid!’ (John Wiley & Sons), I make the observation that who is right and who is wrong is academic… it’s about fixing the problem. That is all the customer (the voter) wants. That is all the American people want… for Congress to fix the immigration problem once and for all,” wrote Michael Aun.
I have said it many times before and even used it in other issues, as important as the immigration issues are.
Back in the 1960s when there was a Sheriff’s Department and a Police Department, and the jurisdiction lines were pretty much respected, there were two very influential ladies who were caught with a great number of drugs in their home near a local school, and the politicians took over the issue of jurisdiction lines and who had the right to
make the arrest and who did not have that right.
Back then the Sheriff wore a khaki-colored uniform and the police wore a dark blue uniform, and I wrote a column that more or less stated that if those two people were arrested and the drugs were taken away from the local schools, we couldn’t care less if those who took the drugs out of circulation were wearing a blue or a khaki uniform.
It was at least fifty years ago, so my memory may be failing a little…too much to remember my exact words, but the meaning is still clear and very similar to the immigration issue of today.
After almost sixty years I still speak with an accent as a reminder that I was not born in this country, as a reminder that I was born somewhere else besides the United States, and I could relate to all those who are looking forward to coming here… but I am not.
First of all, I did not come here for economic or financial reasons, I came here for political reasons, running like a coward from the communists that had taken over my country of origin.
When I came here I did it legally by applying in the American Embassy in my country. I produced and showed all the documents the American Embassy requested from me prior to my buying a plane ticket and attaching the visa to my passport; in other words I did not push the door open and walk in because of my good looks; I followed the law of the country I wanted to come to create a new life for me and my family, if I ever had a family to build.
But regardless of what my feelings or your reasons are for being in this wonderful country, I suggest you read Michael Aun’s column this week because I have never felt so close to a Democrat’s way of thinking as I do today.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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